Monday 22 February 2010

i haven't stopped dancing yet

so saturday was a gas people all well filled highballs busted moves shaken tail feathers and smooched smooches. and presents. we got presents too. mine goes like this...

the five stairsteps - world of fantasy

the five stairsteps - playgirl's love

ain't that just marvelous ?


Friday 19 February 2010

last chance to dance

aw gee it isn't even tomorrow night yet (i know it can't be cos i'm sober) and the requests are getting knocked all ready. and i've been practicing all my 'yeah yeah sweetheart it's comin up later' and 'anything for you darlin' and 'next record really next record i promise' skills glommed from a teenage lifetime of dj brush offs. 'played it already dear you must've missed it'. musn't forget that one. so for mick here's...

barbara mason - world in crisis

...played it already dear you must've missed it.

and if you find yourself in need of even more badly spelt atrociously punctuated nonsense with a mighty tune at the end of it i'm the guest of the ever rockin planet mondo this very friday. today. right now.


Tuesday 16 February 2010

torment tuesday

for the shattered the desperate the deserted the cardless... frank knows us all

it's been a sinatra kind of winter round here with a man alone and the almost too heart wrenching to bear watertown rarely off of the record machine. hold tight.

frank sinatra - michael and peter

if you can ever take any more there's the absolutely huge rain in my heart over at lonesome music


Friday 12 February 2010

my oh me oh my

so doggone sweet and true

barry white - honey please, can't ya see

another gem from ronco presents black explosion 24 original hits/24 original artists as seen on tv


Wednesday 10 February 2010


lagging desperately behind as usual but we really do need to stop and raise a salute to mike 'ace' evans of the the action. that ultimate action lp has been right near the front of my record pile for all of it's thirty years (oh jeez thirty years thirty too fast years) more consistently now i come to think of it than pretty much anything else. blimey. i don't think i'd really realised that before. it's not just got looked at neither but played to pieces (most especially by the mrs these last few years since they became her go to beat group of choice). it paved the way for me kinda for all those tremoundously wayward rocksteady soul covers all ever so slightly off centre all misheard lyrics and out of tune backing singing - i guess trained my ears for all that magic and at the same time made the thrill of first nights with the marvelettes and the temptations and martha reeves originals even more breathtaking. it was the weller sleeve notes that brought it too me obviously and i'm beginning to think that might be the greatest thing he ever did.

the action - i'll keep on holding on


Sunday 7 February 2010

meet and greet

we're having a do. i know. who'd've thought? at our age? with my knees? so if you fancy a bit of hanging about upstairs in boozer having a nice chat listening to some records and drinking a few drinks then do come along now won't you. i'll be the one showing off the very latest taking the record off that i've just put on instead of the one that's just finished plunging the room into embarrassed silence skills and trying not to spill vodka everywhere so i'll be very easy to spot and would be thrilled by a little wave or a lovely to meet you dear. see you there.

mikey dread - saturday night style


Thursday 4 February 2010


with huge thanks to the especially marvelous tim murray for passing this my way. who knew it wasn't the jackson sisters' very own wonder ?


Tuesday 2 February 2010

another explosion

wi fi grabbing on the run (gee but i'm modern) so short sharp selections from the tip toppest compilation of the moment is just about all i can manage till i end up somewhere a bit comfier. wrap up warm now darlings

new york city - i'm doing fine now