Monday 29 August 2011

bank holiday bossa

my but it's been a while since i swung easy between good times and gaz's rocking blues via a red stripe or three an awful long time. crowds don't do it for me these days all that squashedness but i do hope the sun is shining down the grove right now

play nice carnivaliers

flora purim - samba do carioca


Monday 15 August 2011

modal monday

or day thirty one maybe... i enjoyed that thirty day challenge doohickey feel like i fumbled a chunk and that too many of the days had shoddy themes but enjoyed it still. anyone got any better questions/ideas/themes/whatevers? what with having to get on a train tomorrow egg sandwiches crisps and everything how about 'a song you listen to while travelling on trains' that'd do for starters and it's easy what with jazz being train music jazz and scott and frank and almost nothing else all quiet in the quiet coach headphones sneaked on snug not leaky hissing headphones neither different music to car music sing along music this is total immerrsion all the way to the toes music there and all the way back again

michael garrick septet - ursula


Thursday 11 August 2011


it's all got a bit much now hasn't it most especially since the foul reactionary spouters have started up churning my insides even more than the flames and greed and turning the radio into a no go zone. all got me dreaming of places far beyond deserts gardens feeding the birds quiet. perhaps some more folk funk lovliness will help

nanette natal - lavender thursday


Tuesday 9 August 2011

night and the city

eerie quiet down my street half the shops closed up mid afternoon tourists confused and a strange strangeness all over the west end. at least the builders have left us huge pile of handy rubble. peace go with you brothers and sisters

helen merrill - quiet nights


Friday 5 August 2011

day tripper

hot dog there's just no stopping us now intrepid explorers extreme strollers super seasiders... tomorrow's bexhill-on-sea to eastbourne all pavillions and notarianni's milk bar chips and sundaes brolly just in case tartex and tomato rolls for the train. marvelous.

come on feet start moving got to get me there

edwin starr - 25 miles

oh go on seeing as it's you...

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - daytripper