Friday 29 July 2011

now is the time

do you think it might be summer? just now right here now? nearly? i'm quite warm so i'm guessing it must be. we're off on an epic day out to norfolk tomorrow a proper get up early bus train bus packed lunch cardie if it's a bit chilly by the sea bus train bus home epic day out so it'd be nice if it did try to be at least a tiny bit summery. i hope it is for you too and that the peachy ms mellon weaves her magic

le grand mellon - summertime

Tuesday 26 July 2011

that's it baby

savoy claridges ritz dorchester hell no i won't go just take me back to the bun boy

and how in heaven's had i forgotten about eunice. glorious crackly eunice. it's a while since we've had some proper rareness and if i had a spare huge bundle this get a room filth would be top of the shopping list and no mistake

eunice collins - at the hotel


Thursday 21 July 2011

back to the world

gawd awful sad don't you think the last shuttle earth bound the same day there were giant steps and a whole generation of i want to be an astronaut when i grow ups. desperate sad.

we really wasted all that didn't we. all that hope. stayed small and stupid even when we'd gone out into all that hugeness. rats.

bossa rio - old devil moon


Monday 11 July 2011

bossa monday

the sun is shining we're still full of the mad thrill of adam ant at soho village fete polaroid week kicks off in an hour or so and if i'm really really lucky i get to go to the library later too. hot damn. let's bossa

quarteto novo - zanzibar

another in the just as beautiful on the outside lps collection


Tuesday 5 July 2011

day thirty

"your favorite song at this time last year"

this time last year we were deep in black redstart enthralledness and oh my i do miss the beautiful blighters. they disappeared by the end of june and i looked for them scoured the rooftops night after night for weeks but they were gone and we were left to the pigeons and the odd seagull. a week or so ago a little tweety thing sang from our arial again then vanished and my little heart leapt but i think it was just a park tweety bird that'd got blown over and it's not been back. really it should be blossom singing try your wings but i really don't think i could bear it right now

wait a minute wait a tiny minute...

so just last night only just last night there's middle of the night singing three o'clock in the morning singing and a tiny blob at the very top of marshall street baths serenading soho. oh you beautifully well timed dears. tonight i'll be scouring the rooftops

oh balls a song. favourites again. i thought we'd dealt with favourites. well last summer was the one we discoverd kalima all over again wasn't it? all those smiling hours? let's do it again

kalima - land of dreams


Monday 4 July 2011

day twenty nine

"a song from your childhood"

can't think... poorly... struck down in my prime etc etc


Sunday 3 July 2011

day twenty eight

"a song that makes you feel guilty"

that what? they've got stuck for questions now haven't they. guilty. i ask you. oh really. especially what with me being blameless and all. unbesmirshed. you ask anyone. well alright don't. really don't.

twenty eight in and i'm stumped. not just dismissive even if it is a stupid question but really at a loss.

Saturday 2 July 2011

day twentyseven

"a song that you wish you could play"

opening your big cakehole and heaven flying out must be the most incredible thing don't you think. all that coming out of just you. gee i envy them the whole everyone i don't know richard hell to doris day all everyone that makes a noise just them oh boy... but alright if it's play you want then it's those big modal chords those bill evans's those horace silver's those those herbie hanckock's those michael garrick's oh my those mccoy tyner's... just imagine

i know you all know but making those noises those big modal chords...

john coltrane - my favourite things


Friday 1 July 2011

day twenty six

"a song that you can play on an instrument"

does whistling count? or irritating tapping? clapping? i had a guitar once oh lord it was so pretty that big red hofner verithin bigsby arm and all and the strum it made the amazing rattling jangle it made well you would've just well you just would've... but a song come now a whole song. come now. castanets. i'm sure i could castanet along to something something phil spector or shangri-las or something desperate but there'd be tangling and bruising and a lot of it's harder than it looks you just know it so clapping i can do clapping. in the right places sometimes even. it could've been me...

kitty winter - new morning