Thursday 27 June 2013

empty dancehall time

i missed my usual no one there yet spot at 99p soul last saturday busy swanning about and waving and groaning after too much dinner so when i did play anything it was all even more cockeyed and catastrophic than usual... i always hope it'll sound something like this...

or you can grab the whole blinking lot to takeaway here


Friday 21 June 2013

tomorrow people

an evening of record rummaging ahead box packing umming and ahhing putting in and taking out again... this is on the top of the mrs's pile and i shall be dancing to it tomorrow... i hope you will too dears

staple singers - trippin' on your love

99p soul is at the betsey trotwood 56 farringdon rd ec1 tomorrow from 8... soul for everyone


Wednesday 19 June 2013

slow advances

i had my first not in the car park driving lesson today on the road shifting gears signal manouver something something something... not a bump scratch or burst into a ball of flames neither. i have added driving gloves to the xmas list in anticipation of oooooh all manner of motoring related hilarity.

i am claiming this as my theme tune so you'll know it's me you're stuck behind going heaven knows where the wrong way at old lady speed whenever you hear it's soul bursting beautifulness

teenage fanclub - i need direction


Friday 14 June 2013

flab attack

a  radical shift in the stairs climbed streets strode to sitting on lazy behind ratio is having decidedly sagging effects around certain bits of round here so it's back to the oh gawd no and one and two and collapse in a slimy heap yoga mat back putting out zone... ideally i would just sit or hell stand if need be in one of those i don't know what it does cupboard with ones head sticking out contraptions (see miss world above) but as it is i shall finish this small lager dream of nachos and promise to get to it tomorrow...

the pace will not be hectic...

jeffree - loves gonna last


Monday 10 June 2013

start the week

lovely rob has got another mixcloud whatsit up and done and marvelous... i never know a bleedin' thing on these collections so they're alway even more of a thrill ... brand new and good for you...


Friday 7 June 2013


 we're at it again...

do pop along if you're that way sweethearts
there'll be the marvin version of this playing for starters. i only heard lovely nick singing his own song the other day and the first few seconds slack jawed me wonderfully... i hope they, and the whole astounding thing, do something just as lovely to you too...

 nick ashford - when i feel the need


Tuesday 4 June 2013


i do like it when songs sing about other songs although i still haven't tracked down a copy of blue eyes (crying in the rain). and it sounds like just my sort of thing too. my poor lazy noggin can't rustle up any more examples now neither. perhaps you could help you clever people? your suggestions please...
al ferrier - don't play blue eyes (crying in the rain)

twa toots - please don't play a rainy night in georgia

Monday 3 June 2013