Tuesday 29 September 2009


greetings compadres from a dim and grim gloomy and doomy north still here another week so it seems the perfect time to inflict the really quite hilarious campathon that was the still slender steve's go on my top ten that's been cluttering up the place for an age. being the disgracefully fickle shallow horror that I am the smiths were yet another of the pop acts i discarded as soon as more than ten or so other people liked them and they'd been presumptuous enough to produce an lp. it didn't help that the lp was dire and dishwater dull obviously. it just goes to show you can never trust no one who don't do disco. his my top ten picks are a mighty fine thing mind so sit back and thrill to billy fury and the marvelettes and rita pavone and john leyton and the tams and timi yuro and try to keep the giggling down as our butch bona omi palone tries ever so hard not to be 'intimidated by her huge legend' is thrilled by 'her prima moment' and enjoys 'a tender few minutes'. amongst other things.

my top ten - morrissey

my flipping zippers broken so I'm afraid you'll have to have this in lots of bits. sorry dearies


Thursday 24 September 2009

proud mary

a quick postcard from a north full of tweety birds and big glorious sunsets and illuminations to come and and an owl oh yes children there's owl poo and owl hooting so there's a flipping owl but sadly there's no peter paul and mary mary who was a big voice in the living room of my childhood and one i still love despite the diabolical efforts of a billion buskers and assembly geography teachers and all the stupid heartless bastards that tried to tell us that puff the magic dragon was some pitiful dope dream and not the most heartbreaking tale of a little dragon losing his best pal. damn you jackie paper you you you.....(fade to floods of tears)

ahem... so just dig those beards kids and mary's right now do and don't let no one tell you they weren't doing from the soul

peter paul and mary - if i had a hammer


Tuesday 15 September 2009

don't stop

really honest really the last lump of our genre dash this time hitting the blighty/brasillia connection loving each other just like edison & bobby but with shirts on and trying to bring a last bit of sunshine to our autumn rushing days. go grab your cuicas children and cuic along cuic along

batu - seasons of my mind


Sunday 13 September 2009


and one more and one more

how does brit hop sound. well alright jazz hop. manc jazz hop at that. hot on the heels of your heart out and the shout out from dear spud way back around ben sidran come on bust a move

chapter and the verse - the black whip

Thursday 10 September 2009


just a quickie... after the fun we've had (well at least the fun i've had) with the brit funk of linx at their slappiest and the brit dub of aswad in their pomp i thought we should have a bit more so how's about a big hand for the darling's of wapping wharf launderette the very the small faces and their darling brit pop

small faces - eddie's dreaming

and an especially big big big hand for mr ronald leafy lane...


is that the record shop of heaven up there above ???


Tuesday 8 September 2009

the last ones to be loved

lost lonely neglected - the forgotten records of the dustysevens archives. i've found out only recently that i can see how many of you fine folks download the tunes that we adore and waffle on about endlessly round here and was shocked into shame to discover a couple of lovely little numbers crumpled and creased and weeping quietly into the dregs of a brown paper bagged bottle of something awful down the dark end of the street. little numbers whose hearts should be bursting with pride as the youth (ahem...) of the nations shake their heads rock their bodylines shake them shoulders everything in time along to them while muffled shouts of turn that bloody row down are met with a sneer and an oh sorry about that (because we know you're a polite and considerate lot really too). so lovely that they're having another go zhooshed up and debonair and desperate to be loved the gaylads rocksteadying their little hips off and tenorio bossaing those ivories like well like anything.
baby they need your loving

the gaylads - it's all in the game

tenorio jnr - consolacao

and for all you treasures who've already given tenorio and his chums a big hunk of good good lovin' here's a torment tuesday gem of overwroughtness thankyou

billie davis - the last one to be loved


Friday 4 September 2009

unclean unclean

busy brow mopping hair holding and poor dearing now the mrs has got my germs. i blame the disturbing of the plague pit under marshall street baths. or me. i'd stay away if i were you.

julie london - you'd be so nice to come home to