Thursday 17 June 2010


be good

the voices of east harlem - for what it's worth


Monday 14 June 2010


they arrived in april one scooting about the chimney pots one singing loud enough from the very top of marshall street baths to charm all of soho zooming from one peak to another to show off that red tail and black blackness so even a bird buffoon like me could find it in a desperately useless 30p from the library sale field guide to huge corring and blimeying and well did you evering and they're rarer than golden eagles and ospreys you know just imagine golden eagles bouncing about your roof babbling. now every morning around ten and every evening just as the light is fading there's singing from the highest spots around and bugs picked off of walls with the best of humming bird hovering and us leaning out of bedroom windows beaming. soon they're singing loud as anything in the middle of the night no dawn chorus this but west end carousing all through till the middle of may and everything goes quiet my greedy heart sinking at the thought of them gone leaving us to the pigeons and seagulls. finally an empty week fills with the briefest hint of a something out the bathroom window and the little treasure is back but songless and solo and shy busy as a black and red bee almost impossible to spot with no mad tweeting to guide us and now right now there's cheeping somewhere on our roof baby bird cheeping and both the grown ups are zooming about like mad things morning and evening mouths full of flyey treats. we're thrilled

blossom dearie - try your wings


they're black redstarts.


Thursday 10 June 2010


friday night dancing - we'll be there shaking and fingerpopping and doing it fluid and ooooh all sorts. see you there maybe

hopefully the dream team will play us this (and won't get caught out by the sneaky ending)

jeffree - love is gonna last

Monday 7 June 2010


now then. there's been a worrying trend developing round these parts. very worrying. my old moniker has started growing. going a bit wrong like. developing capitals for starters. and a troublesome 'miss'. fine and dandy for your confederate states i'm sure but in the people's republic we tell it straight. and there's she who makes my heart go boom to think of too and all don't forget. so let's pull our socks up children and mrs all the way. or comrade has a lovely ring i've always thought. or just ally will do lovelyly.

it's political correctness gone mad.

walter jackson - speak her name


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