Thursday 25 April 2013


these last weeks i've not been able to quite help myself but think that thatcher's foul pageant hogging every page and screen and transmitter was a cackling dispicable last breath victory the sneakiest snakiest cloak and dagger deception all timed perfectly to miraculously disappear all thought and the most outraged outrage at the social cleansing of our cities the spitting on our spare roomers the oh you know everythinging that has just happened while the cameras were turned away. you're not not telling me she didn't do it on purpose...

this rawkussed out the other day to boot me back here...

the wolfhounds - rent act


the little blighters have a new record out would you believe. mighty fine...


Monday 8 April 2013

inspiration information


"i believe there is such a thing as a search for beauty". it's just the day for it. go astound yourself with in no great hurry : 13 lessons in life with saul leiter. it'll swell your hearts.


*with huge thanks to the lovely second opinion for lighting the way

Monday 1 April 2013


time to step out to spring sweet dears... do join us if you're that way...

here's a bit of what goes on before most folk waft downstairs... a warm up of sorts some things to soak into the wallls and ease the boards


or download the whole gosh darned thing right here