Monday 31 May 2010

number 63 excursion

so june is busting out all over and we got us another super special guest spot my sweets. please give a give a big dustysevens welcome to mr how does this one go again? his very self and his marvelous magnificent seven selelection

Mr. Grainger's excursion got me thinking to my own past commute on the no. 63 bus from Peckham Rye to Farringdon and the tunes loosely correspond to that oft-made journey through SE London.

1. Peckham Rye Common: Tropicola by Nino Nardini - the Victorian gardens give way to the lush, verdant expanse of the common, viewed through a soft lens of mist.

2. Rye Lane: Le Serpent by Guem & Zaka - Peckham doesn't bounce to the beat of Del Boy and Rodney anymore. Things are a bit more pentecostal down in SE22 these days.

3. Old Kent Road: Looking Out My Window by Tom Jones - "nothing left but sorrow, nothing left but pain"

4. Elephant & Castle: Oh No! Not The Beast Day by Marsha Hunt's 22 - it can be hellish, stuck, waiting to get over the E&C roundabout.

5. Blackfriars Bridge: Why Can't There Be Love by Dee Edwards - why indeed Dee, why indeed?

6. Smithfields Meat Market: Funk Factory by Rose Royce - something a bit, ahem, meatier!

7. Farringdon Road: That's The Kind of Love I Got For You by Dusty Springfield - I met my sweetheart on Farringdon Road. Dear reader, I married her.

a no.63 excursion

that should keep you smiling through the rain dearies... me i'm off to snap up every last bit of dusty - the disco years i can lay my greedy paws on before the rush. happy listening


Friday 28 May 2010

friday film club

brace yourselves sweethearts it's only a new flipping feature. regular like. and you know how i stick with these sparkling innovations once they're going...

informed intelligent witty star-spangled here! now! oh my giddy aunt. well alright a couple of pictures a line or two and a barely related tune. i'm worn out already

richard burton (oooh we do love richard burton) is cockney nutjob vic dakin a proper rotter who can't do accents but could teach that joe pesci a thing or two about frenzied kickings and loves his mother. and can say "get out of 'ere slag" without getting giggled at. and does a robbery with important roles for jif lemon and hard boiled eggs. i bet you're gripped already aren't you?

what else can i say without spoiling it for you... well it's got donald sinden in it which is always a plus. and colin weland who gets lines like "what do you want cheese and chutney or ham?". and some brilliant bits of waste ground and abandoned factories and a lovely view of the double diamond brewery. you'll like it honest. we did. a lot.

phew. there then. film reviewing - it's a doddle

sergio mendes and brasil 66 - watch what happens


Tuesday 25 May 2010

Thursday 20 May 2010


please forgive the lack of anything this week - i've been wearing in new shoes. it's all consuming. you know.

actually i'm not sorry at all come to think of it - some things are just more important than this rattling on but just to show willing ... cowpunk anyone?
the boothill foot tappers - get your feet out of my shoes

oh and since it's sunny and all here's a rocksteady lovely

carlton and his shoes - love me forever

be good


Friday 14 May 2010

before i forget

song of the week really. sorry it's late and that it's obvious as hell...

phil ochs - love me i'm a liberal


Tuesday 11 May 2010

Monday 10 May 2010

mornin' glory

so sunday was international dawn chorus day and there was me throwing off of the duvet at what used to be just getting home time but in these old lady days is nearly time to get up anyway dressing gown swaddled and hanging out of the fourth floor window to freezing chilliness all ready to be dazzled and there's not nuffink. not a chirp or tweet or coo or caw or cackle or twitter not nuffink. not even the crows and pigeons and magpies and seagulls which are all that passes for nature round my way. not a sausage. i bet they were all hiding behind liberty's trying not to giggle. the bloody rotters.

kings of convenience - singing softly to me (live in a room version)


illustration from from the lovely charlie harper's birds and words

Friday 7 May 2010

do it clean

desperate to drain the makers mark that's been leering at me all morning so scrubbing and dusting and scrubbing some more desperate to keep the panic at bay. do the right thing you bastard clegg or you'll never be forgiven

rawkus rockin' is doing it's best to help too... sing it wanda

wanda jackson - honey don't

Wednesday 5 May 2010

no.9 excursion

something to bring joy to our hearts as we face the terror of a new dark age. courage comrades and fight on fight on (or at least sit in pubs moaning).

this week's champion magnificent sevener is long time reader first time caller the very marvelous mr
glen grainger

so come with us run with us

"my dads bus was the number 9 if anyone wants to jump on board i'll take them on a musical jaunt red bus rover free"

oh and what a jaunt

no.9 excursion zipped up good for hop on hop offers

and for the back seat lurkers

joe hinton - hanna's love

hank levine - image part one

leroy hutson - cool out

bamboo - girl of the seasons

colette kelly - city of fools

gang do tagerela - melo da tagerella

brenton wood - better believe it

now wish hard children wish so very hard