Monday 29 November 2010


ruffled and riled still from last weeks comments kerfuffle and black sunday xmas shopping terrors so thought a bit of factory benelux might help and help it did dear readers. hope it helps yous too

durutti column - madeleine

Friday 19 November 2010

and relax...

well i say relax but i really must do the hoovering. tomorrow maybe with the football to soundtrack it. oh yes we know how to rock it round here. i'm still worn out from 99p soul and all it's wonders to be honest. there was even cake. imagine that. the tunes were smashers too and i've been humming this all week from the always super warm up hour or so... i do hope your weekend's as thrilling sweethearts

the stylistics - people make the world go round


Wednesday 17 November 2010

Friday 12 November 2010

a trip to the lights

turn yer back for two bloomin' seconds and my road goes all festive lights barmy. i'm not ready. it's still autumn. mid autumn. tell me it is please. but at least it fits this frankly fabe footage the darling carmel whoosed our way this week. don't our town look swingin'...

i'm off to dig records out for tomorrows shindig panic some and hope yous all have a ball wherever you are

jackie mittoo - juice box


Tuesday 9 November 2010

that's the sound of the men working on a chain gang

it'll play well with the voters was the phrase that chilled me rocked me riled me most this weekend. everything else was the vile cruelness we were all expecting (just maybe not quite so soon) but i'd forgotten the most important bit the most frightening bit.

perhaps an anthem would help.


still not really sure this bit of telly is really real... curtis mayfield introducing phil ochs. maybe i've been wrong all these years and this was beamed straight from heaven... praise be

Friday 5 November 2010

hip hip

a thankyou a very very big and very very heartfelt thankyou to lovely dear rob carmel and mick for such top class selections is due i reckon with backs patted and glasses filled. I do hope that now the 99p soul doodah can be thrilled to just as much by far flungers and stuck inners and what with my backers as the hopping off the 63 bussers never actually making up the stairs away from the barers movers shakers and twirlers that get there live and in personers. that was kind of the idea anyhow. so i hope you can join in next saturday for a once round the floor and a drop of what killed auntie wherever you are

If i could find this flipping record i'd be reducing the room to floods but it's only on an lp i just can't manage to unearth. any sightings would be most gratefully and all pop spotters

chuck jackson & maxine brown - love is hurting thing


on double album cd thingy from the always fabe folk at ace

Thursday 4 November 2010

beirnin' love

oh boy oh boy only a week and a bit to go and i'm nowhere. nowhere nowhere nowhere. riah - abominable. drag - unfathomable. slap - charlie caroli. handbag - nanti.

thank gawd there's our very own (we've said it before but we'll say it again) brains behind the operation everybody's go to trotskyite magic mick beirne to rely on ship shape suave and brilliantined

when a man says "all i can say is that most of them were revealed to me by very generous friends and i love them" you just know you're gonna swoon

alice clark - you hit me

bobby moore - anything man

maxine brown - i can't get along without you

rance allen - there's gonna be a showdown

gloria lynn - i've just got to tell somebody

tunnie smith - finders aren't always keepers

joe bataan - shaft

deep breaths