Thursday 25 June 2009

you're a gas gas gas

and while we're moaning were's my bloomin' gasometers my beautiful back of kings cross ladykillers gasometers my flipping listed gasometers that were somehow allowed to be pulled down and packed up pretending they're going to be put back sometime somewhere probably just as some abominable cladding to some horrible posh flats you bastards ? i despair. i mean everyone loves a gasometer and the one that's left looks all sad and lost and lonely now no-ones waving at it from the rooftops of battlebridge road or having a good old gawp through the camley street nature corner bushes. please mister can we have our gasometers back ?

barbara lewis - don't forget about me


Sunday 21 June 2009

your britain. fight for it now

nothing's too good for ordinary people the gent that built my health centre said all proud and progressive and pinko and gee how it swelled our little hearts all that light and all those curves all that modernist ambition turning us all sparkling and special and extraordinary even when we were poorly sick and rotten. too extraordinary obviously for our glorious leaders who've decided that nothing's too good for private developers and we can have that bit next door that old scout hut thing and damn well remember our goddamn place.

rant and rage sulk and tut

ruby and the romantics - your baby doesn't love you anymore


save finsbury health centre

Monday 15 June 2009

what a performance

these days dears i'm pretty darned good at the no regrets wouldn't change a thing thing apart from the occasional flashback of shoddy skincare regimes and not being the evil impresario beat svengali larry parnes calling their turns vince eager and dickie pride and ruling a stable of stars with a rod of iron but the you do what you want while i sit on coaches to norwich be incredibly useless and gradually lose interest sort of record label big wig variety. it'd've been for their own good and all. we'd all've been happy. i'd be smooth and flawless if nothing else.

that was a dreadfully roundabout way of waving yooohoooo dearie to the launch of the BOB depository now at the
house of teeth and oh gee don't that video make ya feel good (and twirly)

some more rare treats to get you in the mood

bob - it was kevin (demo)

bob - what a performance (demo)


Thursday 11 June 2009

everyone's a winner

i won something. really. after all these years i really won a real prize. by default obviously but we don't mention that (default! default!). and oh what a prize what a glorious shining beauty of a prize. it's only a vic godard session from 1986 oh yes yes yes. ta ever so mr your heart out.

and while we're at it ta ever so mr your heart out for giving us stuff we can read on bits of paper again. it's a good thing. gathering the bits out of the printer and lovingly stapling it all together to be taken for a sly half down the blue posts is a pleasure i heartily recommend. i'll see you down there.

vic godard gary crowley show session march 1986


the photograph is by everyone's favourite i like

Wednesday 10 June 2009

i blame me

back from the north and my street's full of union jack bunting which given last weeks disgracefulness is down right unsettling but not quite as unsettling as the horrid bitter realisation that it was all my fault. not the bunting obviously i like bunting and am all for it even though it's not quite the pattern i would've picked but the not getting off of my lazy but miraculously pert given the amount of sitting down it does behind and sodding voting even if that vote was for a sad sorry lot who i'm having serious difficulties calling comrade. but still all we needed to do was vote for someone else. i mean i just signed up for all the hope not hate not in my name stuff but really it is in my name and all the flipping rest of us who were too disappointed and betrayed and bitter to do anything but moan. bugger and arse.

fontella bass - who you gonna blame