Friday 30 June 2023

double decker

oh crikey... not entirely sure i've had a deadline for ....ahhhhhhhh.... 40 years..? i suppose you could count printing t-shirts for portobello desperate to head down the kings of clerkenwell of a friday evening but frankly that got abandoned with alarming regularity and a desperately cavalier attitude to my (dire) financial state... but hell i said i'd be here and i'm here... phew...

this gene and debbe number came on on a shuffle and i was humming the lost sound of young leytonstone post loft very lovely sleeve wishing stones number almost but not quite in time /straight after... they make a lovely pair  

gene and debbe - playboy

wishing stones - beat girl


i can feel lost indie corner coming on

Sunday 25 June 2023


for a minute there a schedule an order (order! discipline! the trains don't run on time!) almost seemed like a plan... maybe a way to hope for some kind of immediacy some kind of hanging about and it went monday wednesday friday but then where would a torment tuesday go if a torment tuesday ever wanted to go somewhere... or a thelonious thursday for gawd's sake... so let's at least try and do something of a regular friday... i say let's i mean i'll try and do a something on a friday heck perhaps on other days but i shall try and order! discipline! a friday something... hopefully... so on the off chance you've got bugger all else to do pop round...

jimmy james and the vagabonds - open up your soul


Monday 19 June 2023

cold turkey


all the nice people are doing their nice things and all the horrid people are doing their horrid things and arrrrggghhhhhghhhhhhhhhh... yeah yeah i know the nice people's nice things will be ace but stopping myself looking at the dreadful people's dreadfulness .... arrrrrrggghhhhhhh... 

now i've got to stop looking at that front pages of the papers on the bbc news... i know there's terrible things coming ... worse than section 28 things coming... arrrgggggghhhhhhhh.... 

not twittering has made me feel better i think.... oh gawd

let's have some gloriousness...

jesse james - are you gonna leave me?

Tuesday 6 June 2023

oh astrud

oh astrud... for an eternity the only bossa the only brazil... hell until sunday afternoons at dingwalls really for me that blue brazil compilation before then gawd... that sinatra... she was it... and my word she was it astoundingly... stay has been on more tapes than i can imagine... always will be... that tears cover ... bloody hell... thankyou astrud 

astrud gilberto - beginnings


Saturday 3 June 2023

double decker

foul and infected and swollen and scabby and horrid... bugger... but marvelling between the groans and the cursing and the smothering in ointments and the gargling with burning fire at the sonic snuggling of the heartbreakiest heartbreaker and the yodeliest squacker... 

once upon a timea girl with moonlight in her eyesput her hand in mineand said she loved me so

peace is a united effort for co-ordinated control
peace is the will of the people and the will of the land
with peace we can move ahead

tony bennett - once upon a time

pharoah sanders - hum-allah-hum-allah-hum-allah