Friday 30 November 2012

toggle up

oooh it's bitter out... bitter missus... you wrap up warm sweet dears and do remember that unless you are a very small child or a sticky peruvian bear your duffle should be large your toggles wooden and your loops ropey. there are no exceptions i'm afraid. strict i know but it's for your own good.

dinah washington - cold cold heart


Friday 23 November 2012


i do love ol' flannery's stories and hearing her reading one her very self in that voice i'll always read all her stories in from now on is an astounding wonder. treat yourselves sweetpeas...

flannery o'conner reads a good man is hard to find (1959)

much more at the indispenable open culture


Tuesday 20 November 2012


more treats for your hearts and feet... miraculously we've managed to cobble together the records emma played at october's 99p hoohah and my they sound fine. i hope we see you down the stairs on the 1st dear pals

you can even download as a one big thing just here


Friday 16 November 2012

book learning

round about january or so most years i'm determindly not making resolutions not drinking less or running about more pretty darned sure there'll be let up in the putting off mooching about atery and brain thickening but i'm think this time or perhaps the time before i may've mummbled something about animal facts. i was going to learn some animal facts. possibly even learn some things aboout other things too but that seems insanely overenthusiastic. i have learned some animal facts too. well i've read a book and i thought it'd be nice to share the highlights. well done the observer's book of wild animals of the british isles. every home should have one.

"in kensington gardens and other parks in the london district a light grey squirrel may be seen, and thought to be a colour variartion of our native species. it is really an american visitor, distinct in colour and without tufts to the ears. some years ago the caged specimens in the zoological gardens, regent's park, had become so numerous that some of them were given their liberty. their numbers increased among the trees of the gardens, and they overflowed into the park, where they became so familiar as to accept food from the hands of delighted children. gradually, some of them developed exploring tendancies and made their way to the wooded grounds of suburban residences. british naturalists of a not-distant future will probably have to include two species of squirrels in their lists."

if you're good there'll be more top animal facts in the weeks to come

alton ellis - live and learn


Monday 12 November 2012


i think we need something extra glorious to fill our hearts this morning dears something to sustain us... hold on tight...

dion - loving you is sweeter than ever

four tops - loving you is sweeter than ever


Friday 9 November 2012


it's the 99p soul winter fete. well it's not really a fete it's some dancing in a small basement but all that overly jaunty flyer thingy has gone and got me carried away. it'd be lovely to see you if you're about.

lovely rob has done another of his mixcloud whatsits... it's his 99p soul top twenty and it's just as bloody marvelous as you'd expect. very obviously...


Thursday 8 November 2012


sister ray garage girl group soul 45 anyone? how could you ever resist?

we had the flip side somewhere roundabout a time back i'm sure but record recordingless like i am just at the mo it's taken a while to track down a way to play this and send you scurrying off scrunched fiver gripped tight ...

available on a record from honest jons


a soul-source ad for the original..
Softiques - Two Kinds Of Boys/Bashful - Sheldon (Audition Record) Excellent minus condition a few very light sleeve marks visible under light. One of rarest Chicago girl records, two great sides Minimum bid £1500

Thursday 1 November 2012


so this was supposed to be a halloween doohickey but heavens i'd all but worn my poor old self out mischief nighting knock a door running hedge jumping gate meddling ooooh untold milk bottle related catastrophing and hanging around outside the chipshop so yesterday was mainly first aid vitamins and timothy spall being scared of the sea. i did manage a pop down the co-op for sweets but the local youth were clearly too pampered to brave the rain and gales so now i'm lumbered with treat sized bags of buttons and no one to frighten right back with terrifying noise... happy november

cabaret voltaire - a thousand ways


the first gggrrrrmmfffffmmnnn of this and it's thirty years ago in a teenage bedroom. in the dark. and there are few scarier places than that.