Friday 30 October 2009

keep the home fires burning

as our davy's off having a nice little rest i thought it might be nice to keep his friday thing going in case any of you lovely lot were having pangs and he fancied a little dance when he got home. so with an ever so slight deviation here's...

unextended disco classics to cut out and keep; our occasional series builds into a magnificent collection your whole family will enjoy.

odyssey - inside out

for futher information on odyssey please
send a stampted addressed envelope to -
odyssey fan club, 5, washington,
tyne & wear, ne38 7rp.

(well you could in 1982. and yes that's washington tyne and wear.)

Sunday 25 October 2009


for all us poor schmoes whose hard earned was dragged kicking and screaming down the stinking sodding saturday high street (duvet cover division) when it longed to be running into the loving arms of pharoah sanders at ronnie's and swooning to the music of small films at the union chapel. it's a bloomin' outrage. hopefully a hardcore quater of an hour of beardy jazz yodelling and a glimpse of postgate/elliot gorgeousness will set us back on the path of righteousness

pharoah sanders - hum-allah hum-allah hum-allah



the clangers on trunk here
pharoah at sounds of the universe here


Friday 23 October 2009

the same old song

sweet dears my sweet sweet dears i really am most awfully sorry really really i am i simply don't know what i was thinking giving you just one smile again just a year (almost to the day) since you had it last especially since i'm more than sure that if you weren't already you'd've been hugging gene's big sixteen ever so tight ever since (don't you dare you.. don't you dare...)
i do so hope a bit of sunny afternoon rocksteady will put me back in your good books

the tennors - smile (my baby)


Tuesday 20 October 2009

titter ye not

a little behind and up above the rock and not a titter not a one I'm wasted wasted i tell you. let's see how it should be done....

gene pitney - just one smile


Sunday 18 October 2009

i saw the lights

for all the poor unfortunates that couldn't get to glorious blackpool for illumination night. it's all a bit shoddy these days if i'm really honest but it was a birthday treat for years and years and there's still the fisherman's friend shiptram that always astounds and just enough magic to turn me titchy again

ray bryant - up above the rock


Friday 16 October 2009

october 'onourables

i know i know please forgive me i've got a little behind....

the snatched last of the summer sunshine streetside half (with honourable mention to the dog and duck - a very fine corner)

the taking of pelham 123 matthau masterpiece nu yoiking about all over the place

the algerian coffee house's beautifully brown paper packaged oolong


david goodis - dark passage like the film only way darker and sadder and darker and a bit less lauen bacall and boy is goodis grand

the oooooooohhhh of the thames festival fireworks

gerard donovan - julius winsome
tears before during and after bedtime

the endless tiny little fishes under the bridge in st james's park

purfleet to grays thames path expedition (see here)


heard in a shop and the song of the month by a huuuuuuuuge stretch why didn't i know till now huh? he used to come down to portobello back in my market trader days ('ardest job in the world that)and buy racks of bootleg tapes off of my pal fred and look miserable as sin but was very nice and always had a good hat which we all know says a lot about a chap

david soul - silver lady

and to get you flying to the video shop

david shire - the taking of pelham 123 main theme


Tuesday 6 October 2009

what's happening

oh yes yes yes finally just a gone in a flash thirty years after the officially unbeatable " you're not going out looking like that " we have.... wait for it wait for it.... the you thought it'd never happen genius that is that really honest really is " you're not in london now ". that's right dearies " you're not in london now ". twice. by two different people. i know. now i can just pray for " you, with your suede shoes " and i shall've truly lived a life worth living

natural four - what's happening here