Thursday 11 September 2008


halfway into a fortnight in the north pied up and sentimental as hell and missing home and there's something happens deep inside when those horns kick in

grimethorpe colliery band - en aranjuez com tu amor

williams fairey brass band - pacific 202


Wednesday 10 September 2008

buy! buy! buy!

we're off to the deepest darkest north for a week or so to cry over smouldering piers groan at shoddy football and add a crippling gas bill avoiding winter layer with the aid of too many butter pies so here's something i've been saving for a special occasion. even though i'm rubbish at special occasions. there was supposed to be 200th post disco week special a week or two back but i got distracted and missed it and now it'll just be any old week disco week which i think sounds better anyway. anyway right back to the occasion thing the every home should have one and now thanks to some lovely reissuey types they can do thing. the barbara and ernie lp. the one with the most marvelous cover you'll ever see. this one here...

i mean how could a record with a cover like that've been lost and neglected and unloved for so so long. it's a bleedin' outrage. and the stuff inside is even fabber. imagine that! blimey. it sort of feels terrible spoiling that first play for you with a little taster but hell i just can't help myself. but i'll save the best songs for you to hear for yourselves on your very own record. i wish i could be there to see your little faces when play with fire comes on. you lucky lucky people...

barbara and ernie - for you

barbara and ernie - somebody to love

now buy buy buy

Tuesday 9 September 2008

mad skillz

dazzle yer friends!
stun yer lover!
pull shapes!
throw shade!
here's how my sweet dears

and if you need a soundtrack to your adventures how's about this then

jimmy london - i'm your puppet

Sunday 7 September 2008

because the music they constantly play says everything to me about my life

okay i'm trawling through some 10p show about manchester pop and knowing exactly what i'm gonna get the same old moaners and groaners and bighead rotters with the odd peak at howard and pete but hold up wait a minute there right there just after 10cc for gawds sake there's a bizarre cut to philadelphia 1974 and this this beautiful thing i'd forgotten all about...

sweet sensation - sad sweet dreamer

and bugger me but it turns out that the little fellow singing his little heart out is only marcel flipping king that's marcel reach for love king marcel right up there with the best records factory ever put out king that marcel king all growed up. this marcel king...

marcel king - reach for love

as it's a manchester thing everything ends up all sad and desperate and awful obviously but i'll leave you to find out the tragic truth for yourselves if you must. if i were you i wouldn't. i'd stick with christmas 1974 and sir james saville ...

the tempo : carefree

so what is with sundays and jazz huh ? why does something strata easty or full of prestige stereo go with too much tea and a bit of light dusting so regularly of a back end of the week ? and are the trad boys still spoiling a well earned spot of inevitably inedible nut roast before the football in boozers all over this land ? me i'm snakehipped and swinging the hoover round with some bossa piano magic

tenorio jr - consolacao


Thursday 4 September 2008

a friend of britain

the best bench in the loveliest brave little park just by the library. lets all shout yaaaaayyy to alf now peoples

barry white - let the music play


Tuesday 2 September 2008


keeping it kind of cosy and soppy and slushy and quiet and curled up warm hiding from the rain

al green - simply beautiful


Monday 1 September 2008


let's start the week all quiet and gorgeous and remember that we can find the tenderest soul in the most unlikely spots

captain beefheart - my head is my only house unless it rains