Friday 28 November 2014

two blooms

scream for justice scream for peace scream for a slightly cheaper nespresso machine... hang down your heads for sorrow...

here the ginko's last leaves left are a luminous golden joy i would keep as a treasure to last my whole life long...

we've had these before but their world brightening powers are still bursting out all over... show me the way...

jon lucien - who will buy

mark lester - who will buy


Friday 21 November 2014

keep on tripping

all that day outing reminded me it was was way past time to watch the fishing party again so i did and here it is for you too...


Tuesday 18 November 2014

trip advisor

postal joy this week petals when mrs i like's new book plopped through the letterbox on just the dark and gloomy sort of lunchtime when sunny daytrip dreaming is just the very thing and cheese on toast at the kitchen table poooofs into a knickerbocker glory at the harbour bar scarborough the soggy leaves of the magnolia go topiary brilliant and i'm lost in the rhubarb triangle... 

buy northern delights a guide to the hidden joys of the north of england by anne ward

£6.99's worth of gloriousness

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - daytripper (live at expo 70)


Tuesday 11 November 2014

a dancer

a quick swish around the floor to get in the mood for saturday's 99p souling. emma's run off with this already and i can't say i blame her...


Friday 7 November 2014


a little while ago (about last tuesday) this* lovely new to me (i know i know the gaps in my records that really need to be heard list are getting deeper longer all the things gaps do) record sang out and then went what next sailor? where do we go from here? so i sent something i hoped might suit right on back and it only turns out this was going on all over the gosh darned place so as now there's a blinking whole mess of connections to work out a kerfuffle full of whys and whats and whos... i'm buggered if i know any more than a couple so far but then i'm only up to marty robbins... if you get any do let me know now won't you dears...

*allen toussaint - go back home

so listen along you clever clever people and get spotting...