Friday 22 March 2013

wiggle it

week two of our brand new good for you fitness fad and i still don't know what those terrifying giant elastic band machines are supposed to do... if they're good enough for miss world then strap me in...

 the vibrettes - humpty dump part 1


Friday 15 March 2013


before we know it it'll be that time when the parka goes back in the wardrobe the cashmere takes it's chances with the moths the cardigan gets unbuttoned (slightly) the brogues give way to loafers and all that keeping the cold out that always got taken care of by those fourteen flights of stairs needs encouraging to stand up straight at the very least. the big gay disco gymnasium down by the photographers gallery pounds out an horrific racket at an outrageous tempo but here we swing to a rocksteady beat. what with these knees and all. the photograph up there is one of a bunch my dad took of local lass and miss world rosemaie frankland. miss world. i know. there's a helpful series of miss world in the gym photographs to help us to spring/summer perfection and alton and hortense to ease the pain. here we go and one and two and ....oh for heaven's sake...

alton and hortense ellis - the picture was you


Thursday 14 March 2013

slack attack

 right this time we're really back at it. really. i'll just finish this bottle wave the ladies goodbye and we're off. really...

quartette tres bien - love is a hurtin' thing


Wednesday 6 March 2013

love power

for all you fine far away folk here's what my beloved girl's go at record playing at the latest 99p soul sounded like... together we can't fall...

emma's love power set 99p soul february 2013


Tuesday 5 March 2013


i know i know slack ally is my name. sorry and all but oh... you know...
the beach yesterday blew cobwebs and the sun today warmed cockles and an evening full of dusty watched all over again thrilled madly. here she goes helping out on lovely madeline's lp. i like this version more than maxine's even and you know that's saying something...

madeline bell - one step at a time