Friday 25 February 2011

in & out

i do hope you'll forgive me dear hearts for rattling on about our 99p soul whatsit so but i do like a bit of dance and it's most awful nice having a little chunk of these here doings living in the great outdoors too really sort of real like. it's just a bit of a worry that you might feel like you're getting bothered into coming or that you'll be in trouble if you don't or there'll be tutting or even worse sighing but that's really not what i meant to happen at all. i just like the idea that there's a do there and a do here too (and over the facebook thing) so that everyone can sort of join in wherever they are. is that alright? i do hope so. have a ball whererver you are duckies

arnold blair - trying to get next to you


Tuesday 22 February 2011


...well i say zhooshed what i mean is completely and utterly flapped frazzled unprepared unready un oh everything... four days to go and i'm a disgrace. oh for raymond of mayfair

save me

almost all i know fer sure is this is my first record of the once it's got going a bit bit of the night but i would warn against your actual lying down or candles. health and safety and all. you know.

melanie - lay down

with huge thanks to dane over at all eyes and ears for reminding me what a folk funk anthem of a record this is. thankyou dearie

now take it away raymond...



Friday 18 February 2011

rocking steady

just cos it's a wonder and i've never heard a phyllis dillon record i didn't adore

phyllis dillon - perfidia


Thursday 17 February 2011

goodbye tea rooms

took a usual diversion round museum street today to pay respects at the ghost of the holborn tea rooms to find the poor dear old thing has finally given in to drab office blackness after lord knows how many years it is now of slowly fading and flaking. what a darned shame. i'd watch this lovely film again but it had me in floods the first time and i'm in no state now neither but perhaps you're feeling braver my friends. i shall be raising a cup and remembering

where are all the dreams that we knew...

sharon tandy - now that you've gone



the classic cafes tribute is worth a revisit too...


more sharon tandy from the fabe folk at ace here


Wednesday 16 February 2011


ten days to go heartfaces and the lovely mister rob has woooshed over another little lovely to get us in the mood and what a toasty warmer upper it is too...


fantastic mainstream - let's be friends


Tuesday 15 February 2011

torment tuesday

for the most tormentedest of tuesdays. we'll be dancing with tears in our eyes

barbara lewis - ask the lonely


Friday 11 February 2011

happy viewing

if you'd not noticed tonight is the start of the bbc4 reggae britannia season and if it's anything like as bloody marvelous as all their other lot it'll be super bloody marvelous. for the staying uppers there's a specials show on after too. please be on the iplayer pleeeease....

to get you in the mood

laurel aitken and the soulmen - never you hurt


the photos are from the building site hoarding opposite our bijou lattie well worth a vada if you're trolling about these parts


Thursday 10 February 2011

rotten rotters

bounders fiends and the foulest of cads have been buggering about in my doings and whatnots the dirty rotten rotters so if you got inconvenienced too i really am most awfully and all. really most. there's been froing tooing wringing and cursing and all associated fiddling and adjusting and now we're just waiting for everything to go poooof. but then what's new...

dee dee warwick - you're no good


Sunday 6 February 2011


gee but radio four can be great. the film season they just gone did was the tops. most especially the oh so meadsian life at 24 frames a second - david thomson's "personal journey through how cinema has changed both him and us". it's just the stuff i relied on speechification to catch me up with but what with those heroes long gone i thought i'd best step up. they're only thirteen or so minutes an episode and are full of stuff like "i'll give you a lot of facts but i know you don't really like facts so many of them are so bad and unhappy and there's nothing you can do about them they're just another hill of beans. by now you either know the history of the movies or you have it wrong or all mixed up. it doesn't matter" and i think you might like them. i did.

life at 24 frames a second - in the dark

life at 24 frames a second - fear and desire

life at 24 frames a second - wired for sound


Friday 4 February 2011

save our libraries day

i've tried writing a how much i love libraries thing all bloody day but it keeps coming out all oh i don't know just wrong not how i want it but i do want to send out a far too late wail for save our libraries day ... i'll be at the desperately lovely mayfair library getting out my full twenty books thankful as anything (well sixteen cos i've already got the rising sky by tim dee, the life of mammals by david attenborough, gentlemen of the road by michael chabon, and the reader's digest field guide to the birds of britain). i know really i should troll up to marylebone to raise a fist and rail against it's closure but i'm taking tomorrow to celebrate my favourite of westminsters treasures (they're yours too you know - no need to be a resident here) before all the horrors really start. there's a brilliant bit on caught by the river that puts all this way better than i'm doing and a speech by phillip pullman that ends...

"Leave the libraries alone. You don’t know the value of what you’re looking after. It is too precious to destroy."

go library.

buddy holly - words of love

Wednesday 2 February 2011

fancy goods

ooooh look we got fancy dan fliers. aren't they just the very thing. thankyou mister rob

i think we need a big throw your hands in the airer to celebrate

zulema - wanna be where you are

do pop along if you're about it'd be lovely to see you