Friday 28 July 2023

oh tony

still playing tony bennett records... the above is one you should all have a charity shop classic an absolute tear you aparter and such a wonderful wonderful go at quiet nights (corcovado)... but .. (stop me if you've heard this one before)... 

"my world was dull each minute

before i found you


can't not hear it ... enchanted wondermented all the way till then and then it's gone gone ruined ruined

tony bennett - quiet nights (corcovado)


(we've definitely had this before but i'm not looking it up if you're not)

Thursday 27 July 2023

lost indie corner


always a sucker for a country tinged heartbreaker a backing singer the singer singer should've let sing it song... 

another of those i've no idea where it came from another gift from the shakers and sharers... actually looked up the group and it's some family cat connection another lot who despite being around and about folks i knew i've never knowingly heard so oh told you before and you should know by now there'll be no yr heart out insight and learning and all here... 

it's a lovely song a grower and a very fine way to start lost indie corner

jack adaptor - everyone talked about us


Sunday 23 July 2023

oh tony


oh tony... fucking hell you were ace... (eloquent as ever but heck he was) ... two of the most wonderful shows i've ever been at... my only visit to the albert hall... the show at madame jojo's i mssed and still haunts me... the beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful records... oh tony... that muppet show for gawd's sake... thankyou mr bennett x

tony bennett - maybe this time


Friday 21 July 2023

oh mister bennett


(oh tony bennett... going to take a breath before we even think of really talking about tony because oh hell you know,,, what amazing joy he brought us...)

as ever thank heaven's for football (which today's whatsit was supposed to be about)...  i don't really care about the teams the leagues the all sorts expept when i do... but the radio noise distraction of choice is always football... on talksport today they were all what a brilliant trans ally neville southall is ... and in a isn't that ace way.... imagine that... well done hawksbee and jacobs (the best show on radio)

but the main thing is the joy of the match commentary how it takes me away from the grim foul horridness of news and events and rotters and most of the time when it's finished having absolutely no idea what went on at all...

which brings us to the greatest football song ever...  

gordon banks and friends - we'll be together


Monday 17 July 2023

modal monday

what's the song you've heard most versions of ?  this must be high... very high...  all the way high ... 

Friday 14 July 2023

comfort break


often at this time of day particularly on a cold wet windy day the shelter of davy h's soft seventies is a wonderful place to be ... it sounds quite like this... (but with lots of things i know all the words to but haven't heard for decades and leave me in floods) ... come on in the water's lovely...

laura allan- opening up to you


Friday 7 July 2023


well i thought we'd start off with really easy something for everyone ones... that'll teach me... sorry it's been a struggle petals... hopefully you'll be kicking yourself when you hear them... next time i shan't dumb it down so much (ahem)

let us know which ones you got and which ones you're screaming at... ta for helping to keep me out of trouble


the intros of doom answers

the beat - twist and crawl

dusty springfield - in the winter

patrice rushen - forget me nots

stereolab - french disco

tony bennett - once upon a time

untit 4+2 - concrete and clay

marvelettes - in my lonely room

the clash - charlie don't surf

bobby darin - don't rain on my parade

peter paul and mary - 500 miles

easy x

Wednesday 5 July 2023



 well a three and a four are where it's at so far... them damn intros are easy when you know what they are... i was going to do longer clips but oh that's a lot of bother for the two of you... not that you're not lovely and super and hugely appreciated nor nothing but oh you know ... so clues it is... bloody hell...


1... you don't deserve a clue it's too easy

2... chilly lesbian heartbreaker

3... come and get your black bin bags (sorry to our far away viewers and heck anyone not familiar with daft northern comedy shows

4... i mean how many bloopy beepy organy droney groups could it be?

5... you've not been paying attention to the goings on here at all have you?

6... one of kevin's beauties

7..  a classic action cover

8...the horror the horror

9... inevitable bank holiday carnival weather reaction

10... how far to the folk festival?

there you go... expecting ten out of tens now 

see you friday for the oh how can you bear the suspense results



Sunday 2 July 2023

the intros of doom

exhausted after a morning of squirrel madness (well that's my tomatoes done for) now playing records deep breaths tasty lager hearing some things that would've been in our old lock down quizzes... 

so here's a new batch for you

answers on friday

i'll trust you to score yourselves and you can let us know what you got then

there might even be a prize

have fun sweethearts

the intros of doom july 2023