Wednesday 28 December 2011

drab drab drab

heavens all that shopping you poor poor shoppers all that shoving and stabbing and squashing and for this flat window gawper so little inspiration

vic godard and the subway sect - no style


Friday 16 December 2011


record rummaging shoe polishing wardrobe rifling it's frankly chaos round here... one certainty...

sergio mendes and brasil 77 - love music

see you tomorrow 99ers


Thursday 15 December 2011

Friday 2 December 2011

silly silly fools

a brand new me - number 35 in the lp charts. silly people. even sillier americans only number 107. silly me too what with it being pitifully underplayed so much so i've only just been hit by the astounding wonder of never love again and let me get in your way. what have i been doing...

this'll be played loud and proud to the 99pers and no mistake

dusty - never love again