Friday 23 August 2013

dumb dumb dumb


i'm most awfully sorry for the shoddy even by our standards shocking service round here lately. there's a pile of half done something or others somewhere but the words aren't quite sticking together right... some sort of service should be resumed shortly with a bit of luck.

in the meantime here's blossom...

blossom dearie - let's go where the grass is greener



Monday 12 August 2013

start the week

words and music from our pal rob ryan to get this rainy morning swinging...

"The well of American Soul music is deep, deep, deep and just keeps on giving generously !! Now thanks to the internet I still discover unbelievable music on an almost daily basis - Willie Hutch's 'Just another Day'a prime example I heard recently on a sleeveless soul radio show, how did I miss this one !!!
The Arthur Conley tune I first heard Mark Taylor play, I can't think of anyone who loves and enthuses Soul music more than this man !
There are so, so many cover versions of Impressions tracks, tracks 7 and 8 are just another two - but how can you go wrong with tunes this good !!
You never need an excuse to play some Tyrone Davis - how great is this oldie ?!
This is a pretty midtempo mix but towards the end the beats get fewer and far between and the soul shines through and the great Johnny Gilliam signs off for us - Unbelievable record !!! "