Monday 30 March 2015


really most awful sorry for the lack of whatever it is we do here this last however long but i think all that gross goop flowing out my schnoz last month was the last sorry sludge of all brain inspiration and vague ability to do pretty much anything bar slumping over a gin ... i'm pinning all hope for a cure on a bit of a dance...

lovely rob ryan has a new mixcloud whatsit to give you half a clue what might be in his magic box this time...

i do love jeff perry

jeff perry - call on me


Monday 2 March 2015

modal monday

oh i've not been well dears really i've not... the jazz has helped... well it would... most especially when it turns out that tubby gonsalves isn't mrs gonsalves's big un at all but that paul one you know that paul one no i didn't either but it is i'm assured him and that tubby hayes... and there was me...

tubby gonsalves - pedro's walk