Friday 18 October 2013

but this side is awesome

just another reminder about next saturday's special with added label scribbling. i do like a scribbled label...

al wilson - be concerned


Monday 14 October 2013


we're doing a super spectacular fundraising 99p soul well 3.99p soul this time trying to support the afasic youth project... there'll be dancing. or standing about. which ever you prefer. both even. and possibly baked goods. oh yes. i said it was going to be a super spectacular. there's guest stars galore too like the marvelous mister fish...

and i'll be playing this...

jimmie ellis - happy to be 

do pop along if you possibly can


Friday 4 October 2013


strange days these furious and defeated and delighted and soaring each ways choking back the tears as unready for the autumn as ever
i need rowdy...

johnny thunder - i'm alive