Friday 21 November 2008

a quick one

just before we zoom off a quick thankyou for all your top tips and general lovliness these past however long it's been. i'll see you in a couple of weeks. be good now.

monochrome set - jet set junta

chairmen of the board - so glad you're mine

the whispers - it's a love thing

Thursday 13 November 2008


help! help! help! cactus time is coming up fast and i've been too busy hobbling off to a&e with a poorly foot to get a roadtrip soundtrack together and things are getting desperate. i need lists people! lists! you do do lists now don't you dears ?

eno & byrne - help me somebody

james brown - i need help (i can't do it alone)

jose feliciano - help!


spread love

sorry to rattle on dears but this had me in floods...


Monday 10 November 2008

shame on you california

there's been a whole lot of change gonna come this past few days but the fine folk of california have sure been getting the wrong end end of the stick or at least paying way too much attention to the bit that goes

then i go to my brother
and i say brother help me please
but he winds up knocking me
back down on my knees

and fighting to take away their neighbour's rights. imagine that. not fighting for your rights but fighting to take them away. the bleedin' rotters went and voted yes to proposition 8 and now all those lovers who ain't one man and one woman can put the confetti back in the box and stop arguing about who gets to sit next to to who and cancel the fittings for that huge white fairytale creation and get used to lurking back down the dark end of the street.
so well done america. you nearly made me feel good for five whole days.

dusty springfield - don't let me lose this dream


toot toot yeah beep beep

just go back to the horsey thing and change donna summer for hem and bad girls for horsey and pollocks toy museum and the tenderest mournfulest americananess for greek street walk ups and super disco breakin' and we should be pretty much there. ta for the help - it's that kinda monday.

donna summer - bad girls


Wednesday 5 November 2008

Tuesday 4 November 2008

riding a horsey

sometimes a picture just whirrrrrrs out with a tune stuck tight to it and mosttimes it's no bizarre association nonsense it's just bloomin' obvious that pollocks toy museum window and the tenderest mournfulest americananess of the first hem lp go just right

hem - horsey

rabbit songs is a record that you really should have so do buy one dearies it's lovely


Monday 3 November 2008

instant happiness

citizens of the future! gaze upon picture takings greatest triumph and drool! it's the snappy choice of the discerning jet-setter the oooh it's a bit heavier than i thought it'd be and should it really make that stomach churning crunch when i open it hit of 1972 and in no time at all even the film that needs butchering and filtering to work in the heavenly creature will be gone daddy gone and it'll join the paillard-bolex on the bookcase being a bugger to dust and a sigh at yet another lost wonder

ebay's full of the poor unwanted beauties and you can still just about get film if you try and try you really should dears before it's too late.

king curtis - instant groove

and finally a little gem from the office of charles and ray eames...

born to be mild

the dustysevens wagon is ready set and rolling west sweetiepies desert roadtripping before the fog and damp have ruined me entirely so it's guide books by the dozen and a floor full of maps and a truck to rent (gun rack essential if we're heading into texas) and an armful of cds to make for zooming around the desert inbetween as much bizarre mexican radio as we can stand (quite a lot) and your hot local knowledge would be a wonderous thing dear pals. anyone know good arizona new mexico texas type stuff that the over excited but ever stylish visitor should never ever miss ??? we're packed full so far of missiles and rockets and space centers and cactuses and judge roy bean and white sands all sorts but if you're from out there or you've been or you've seen something on the telly let us know darlings and we'll be most most grateful.
and obviously no roadtrip can be undertaken without this. obviously.

steppenwolf - born to be wild