Thursday 30 April 2015


here it's hardening off the artichokes and hoping they think all this cold and bluster is winter not spring. the sleet yesterday should've helped. and the ice the other morning. and the hail clattering down right now. ahhhh spring...

dick morrissey - storm warning


Wednesday 29 April 2015

mysterious mysteries

more lost treasures this time something that'd gone and got stuck behind a pile of lps since the day it got bought... well i say bought really i mean unwrapped what with it being part of the ace pile of singles the lovely folk in sounds of the universe sorted out for my dear old dad to get me for a birthday a few years back an ace pile of rocksteady singles... this has drum song by sound dimension on the other side and i was expecting some version version on this blank one but oh such a joyous suprise... now i'm guesssing it's called lullaby angel and half of that singing is lovely alton ellis and i know there are alton and eddie records so i'm going with the other singer being eddie. eddie who i don't know. i could look it up i know but i like the mystery and the guessing and knowing for sure won't make it any more fantastic knowing more about records very rarely does like knowing proper lyrics or pretty much anything else that's not in the grooves... apart from all those ones where knowing stuff leads you to all manner of new wonders...

alton and eddie - lullaby angel


Tuesday 28 April 2015

lost treasures

well found treasures really... i've been rummaging about in the big bag of cassettes again to soundtrack  my proper old lady motoring around these leafy suburbs (i do have one of those snazzy it's a cassette but it's not really whatsits that plug into the phone but it's all a bit fiddly when there's hunching over the wheel doing twenty to be done) and have very bravely been having a go on the far too many with nothing written on. most have bits of old gilles peterson when he was on kiss and jazz fm going on about vibes far far too much than is bearable and going on about them in a funny little hat if memory serves and some have nothing at all and some have things to listen to at bedtime which don't make for especially good b road listening especially at the speed i go and one had this on... the great lost last raw herbs session. gee i loved the raw herbs. this must be from 1988 or 1989 perhaps hip swinging country pop marvelousness...

tremelo set to stun...

the raw herbs - lonely hearted boy
the raw herbs - the last thing on my mind
the raw herbs - everyday
the raw herbs - i've got you
the raw herbs - sun corner
the raw herbs - a path to where you stay


if you're not sure about this sort of thing i suggest sun corner as a taster

i'm afraid most of the song titles are guesses

Monday 27 April 2015


for percy who made astoundingly beautiful records...

a whole while ago now a bit of digital turned a bit pen and paper and stamps and walks to the post office  and a bit of acquaintance turned a whole lot dear pal...

the ghost of electricity july 25th 2008

"Yes, my six week search is at an end, and did this track get emailed from Arkansas, downloaded from DivShare or lifted from Lime Wire? Friends, it did not. Ally bought it in a record shop and posted it to me to rip.

Does Feargal Sharkey approve of this sort of thing? Will Mortlake Sorting Office soon be writing me a stern letter to warn me about 'single sharing'?

This is a Dusty Seven; expect crackles and heartache.

Thank you Mistress Ally and bona, bona lavs x
Percy Sledge - 'Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)' (1969)"


Friday 10 April 2015

green shoots

tomatoes artichokes peas beans basil sunflowers radishes... grow my beauties grow...

in other news fountain pen filled suede shoes buffed... hope things are as springing with you dears...

walker brothers - my love is growing


Friday 3 April 2015

good (rockin) friday

a dear old pal is off on a birthday roadtrip round some southern states so he got sent some elvis records to help the wheels keep turning...

as unlikey as it is that you don't have everything elvis already you can listen too...

the songs are...
my baby left me
i got a woman
i got stung
one night
i want you i need you i love you
a mess of blues
cotton candy land
she's not you
pocketful of rainbows
it's a long lonely highway
stranger in the crowd
i just can't help believing
gentle on my mind
kentucky rain
true love travels on a gravel road
i'm leavin'
tomorrow is a long time
early mornin' rain

and they are hanging around here ... i like elvis


Wednesday 1 April 2015