Thursday 30 May 2024


found this ancient draft... 2014... the things i trolled about with... i do love to know what daft stuff folk carry with them... once left pretty much this lot that gorgeous bag in the french house lavs brilliantly handed in to the fine folk behind the bar...
bag poachers by tom franklin ancient iphone gaviscon wallet keys rspb bird identifying leaflets oyster card polaroid sx70 (how i wish i could still afford film) inhaler keys glassses case unknown photograph ( possibly involving kitten and plant pots)
knitted iphone case
lip balm x2 (burts bees mac tinted) broken hair thing polaroid sx70 case card from my dear old daft lost dad guitar shaped bottle opener pens x2 observer book of wild flowers postcard assortment. should also feature lots of tissues for this always sneezy schnozz guessing they'd all been used up


Monday 22 April 2024

still ill

 i'm a little hoarse...

actually i'm pretty much better now but oh i've been bunged up bogged down coughing and spluttering wheezy and feeble... was always a sickly child... 

stay well my dears

hem - horsey


Monday 8 April 2024

pillow talk

ain't it funny how time does and doesn't slip away... woke up to the terror of 11.40pm ... insomnia hell... a whole night still... usually make to at least 2... oh fuck... and here where did march go? really thought it had only been a couple of weeks... oh fuck... that awake me! out of part fears two... 

vicki anderson - wide awake in a dream


Friday 1 March 2024

finally friday

hands up who thought we'd actually manage a whole week? (working) (i'm having the bloomin weekend off probably horizontal after this mammoth undertaking)... i'm not seeing any hands ... oh you faithless swines... not the most content heavy i'll admit but we've had nice pictures and smashing songs and a whole lot of dot dot dots... all the favourites...
anyway it's been a bit of week boozeless quiet kitchen based radiator cuddling cat videos to avoid the horrors not avoiding the horrors cat videos to help with the horrors and finally friday lager open beetroot roasting quietly pleased to've got here... 
let's have a dancer... youth has gone now but we still shine...


Thursday 29 February 2024

thoughtful thursday


hang ups let downs bad breaks set backs... one of those days here history weighing grudges grudging ... 

anyway... this is calming and beautiful and everything... 

amadio - the very thought of you


Tuesday 27 February 2024

torment tuesday

only found out at the weekend that we'd lost mary weiss... how did i not know? did you know? surely it was front page news tributes everywhere flowers and tears in the streets? how did i miss it all? 

teenage angst is back again... thankyou for all of it...

the shangri-las - i can never go home anymore


Monday 26 February 2024

modal monday


perhaps a definitely not doomed attempt at a week full of all the old familiar faces will kick this sorry mess back to some imitation of life... 

lovely dee dee bridgewater sings the stylistics and even if it's not quite as wonderful as the stylistics it's still very very wonderful...

see you tomorrow heartfaces

dee dee bridgewater - people make the world go round


Friday 16 February 2024


oh bugger this hasn't turned into the dynamic return it was supposed to be has it... not that anyone in the entire universe or the three of you that pop round here occassionally are suprised... inevitable really wasn't it. there was meant to be a 12th day mass observation thingy somewhere... well on the 12th... but i got the days muddled and missed it... next month (possibly)... oh and all sorts of things... perhaps a more realistic underwhelming attempt will work better...
anyway... the old tiny tinny portagraph has got dragged into service for a record a day... it was going to be a random record but i've chosen a couple of them oh and i've already missed a day or two but know... you can follow along on the dusty7s youtube if you like...


Tuesday 6 February 2024

back on board

she's here she's there she's every flipping where... well she's sitting on a radiator in the kitchen desperately trying to think of something to have for tea trying to keep warm trying to not turn the news on trying to not burst into tears trying to remember how to do this trying to give the world some love today baby trying to fill the world with love her whole life through and she's only just begun... just you wait...

welcome back petals

edwyn collins - low expectations