Friday 29 January 2010

most wanted

another gem from ronco presents black explosion 24 original hits/24 original artists as seen on tv for your delictaion

first choioce - armed and extremely dangerous


Saturday 23 January 2010

the only fun in town

horrible sainsburys french lager... check

north end mug for horrible sainsburys french lager... check

quorn chicken and mushroom pie for half time... check

temperamental portable telly with the two foot long arial lead so youi've got to sit on the floor to be near enough to see the darned thing and twiddle the knobs every five minute when the picture wanders (from the stuff no one wants anymore but can't be bothered lugging to the bins table by the lifts)... check

here we go

tony clarke - landslide*


*another gem from ronco presents black explosion 24original hits/24 original artists

Friday 22 January 2010

as seen on tv

oh billy... oh june

the dells - i can sing a rainbow/love is blue


Monday 18 January 2010

start right kids

in case you're stil looking for an anthem to get the year going. the ever fabe anne over at dolly old i like thrilled us all last year with matt munro singing i'm gonna change the world which really did the job for me so i hope this helps a little hope shine and your step spring

doris - did you give the world some love today, baby


Thursday 14 January 2010


let's raise a glass and have a quiet little dance for the ever so mr teddy

harold melvin and the bluenotes - the love i lost (part one)

Wednesday 13 January 2010

i'm just looking

"you must set about it more slowly, almost stupidly. force yourself to write down what is of no interest, what is most obvious, most common, most colourless...."

"make an inventory of your pockets, of your bag... question your teaspoons"

george perec

so in the spirit of the mass obsevation twelfth day surveys...

woken up by a clanky combination of beer delivery to the white horse and crows on the roof come for their cheese and nuts breakfast. turns out there's a skip in the road too - the first i've seen down here. the man who stands in his window all day like he's in kraftwerk is already up there in the black and yellow egyptian thing next to the paladium. it's dark and gloomy. tea - pg in the titan missile museum mug. soya milk no sugar. the refigerated lorry has arrived for it's daily attempt to rattle the place to pieces - if you ever need cover for a bit of drilling into a bank vault from the shop next door a brakes food delivery van will do it just fine. more tea.

up and at 'em and down to eagle place for as much marveling sighing and desperate hand wringing as i can get in before the fuckers tear it all down. tea and a custard tart in sergio's. baron of piccadilly has been a place of wonder and a shop front to salute especially of a winters evening when the sign has a soft gorgeous glow for as long as i can remember and i promise to buy something there before it's rubble honest.

goddamn you crown estates.
come the glorious day.... well we'd all be puffing on whopping great cubans from m. landow as the bastards begged for mercy (which we'd give gawd help us) if only we'd stepped up just a little bit sooner just treasured that beautiful alley that saved us the marauding tourist hordes of a long given up piccadilly circus as we zipped through down to jermyn street and on to the park

and on down to bates. deep breaths. home before there's tears. the bastards. in a city full of horribleness why did the rotters have to pick one of my favourite bits. bugger.

home. sulking. in the spirit of the thing empty handbag -

bag of walnuts (for feeding squirrels in the park)
flier for vintage film season at prince charles cinema
pen (black stabilo s)
lip conditioner (mac - virtuous violet)
oyster card
five pence piece
holga camera
ventolin inhaler
wallet - tatty black mess with losing lottery tickets sticking out
key ring - three keys and welcome to london bus
true confessions dvd i forgot to return to the library (must remember tomorrow or else). it was nowhere near as good as i remembered it neither
crumbs (assorted)

decide that that's about as much excitement as anyone can take and call this whole thing off till the same time next month

>sergio mendes & brasil 66 - look around

gene pitney - i must be seeing things


nb - some dates may've been changed to protect the lazy and good fer nuthin'

Sunday 10 January 2010

our day will come

roberta flack - tryin' times



surely no home can possibly be without first take ?

Friday 8 January 2010

stop messing about

abcdefghijkl we've 'ad em all round here darlin' done and dusted zhooshed and titivated till they were your actual fabest of fabulosity and now without no futher heeeeeeeeres ...

mauve - because everyone gets lavender

mogue - because lying's so common

measures - because lucre's filthy

keep at it duckies and be bold be bold

the chairmen of the board...

julian and sandy - bona pets

adventures in paradise...

minnie ripperton - baby, this love i have

punk legends...

marine girls - tutti lo sanno