Tuesday 18 September 2012


super rob ryan has mixclouded a pile of records to send you swooning and swinging. where he finds them no one knows...


Monday 17 September 2012

diamond lil

oh you know we love odyssey round here sweethearts so raise a glass high to the glorious lillian lopez and sing through the tears

odyssey - inside out


Monday 3 September 2012


sorry it's been such a while honeypies but oh you know what with the rain and the wind and mopping the mrs's brow through the endless terror of windows 7 installation and all it's accompanying me moaning i couldn't work/find anything anymore and the sunny day grabbing and the not having a thing to wear no no what this old thing... and then the font madness the mad obbsessing the trawling through thousands and thousands of fonts fonts fonts only for it to be clarendon lt std bold all along. lovely lovely clarendon lt std bold. there are days i wish i'd tried to do cutting out and sticking on and moving that just the teensiest bit that way a whole lot better. you know with teachers and books and those funny pens that always block up and propelling pencils. oh propelling pencils. perhaps in my impending dotage. anyway all that fonting got me nowhere real slow for a while there and i gave up ever pinching an idea off of franko grignani and reached  for the glorious sleeve of the tamba trio tempo lp the soul jazzers have just reissued and pinched a bit of that instead only to finally hit clarendon lt std bold just as the last bit of helvetica neue lt std went on all squidged close and unreadable just the way i like it so now we have two adverts for the next 99per and your thoughts on which we should go with would be a very helpful thing. very. things are swinging towards the one that tells you stuff and may possibly be legible when it's printed badly but i do like that little windmill really i do. it might just have to get saved for another day though. sorry to go on

the free design - now is the time