Thursday 31 July 2014


it's our old pal davy's birthday today and seeing as there's no ghost post this year we can wave our greetings to him at i thought it'd be nice to wave to him from here instead... yooohooo... many happy returns dear thing

this popped up in the very first days of the ghost of elecricity and it was only on my recent back issueing that i heard it and the rest of the lp what it's off of... wonderful unexpected stuff and this is oh my... devastating

paddy mcaloon - i'm 49


Wednesday 30 July 2014

Friday 18 July 2014

tomorrow people

chaos reigns right here as the record rummaging for some new old things to play tomorrow gets into it's small afternoon livener phase... it's not pretty... to cheer us along and properly set the mood for saturday's summer 99p soul special here's four treats from the rob ryan box of astoundingness... do pop along if you're that way...

jackie jason - please mr sun

joey irving - don't throw your love away

little melvin & the boleros - jealous lover

soul commanders - a castle for you and me


Wednesday 16 July 2014

business today

there are some right rotters selling records out there proper stinkers foul fiends but this email from the lovely people in america i bought a £4 copy of ocie smith's everybody but me off of more than makes up for all those disappointments and dodgy deals done bad... thankyou glenda 1870...

"Your record was shipped today 1st class international mail. We have refunded you completely for this record as we found a problem. We initially thought it was lint but upon a wipe-down found that it was ingrained in the record on a small spot. We felt that since it was our fault that we should still pay to ship the record. One side is in excellent condition and the other has the spot towards the end. Sorry for the problem but you get the record free and that's all we know to do."

ocie smith - everybody but me


Thursday 10 July 2014

still craving inky fingers

the suburban quest for a bottle of blue black quink is finally over children the dismissive newsagents and their bottle of what? fountain pen ink? ink for a fountain pen? ink in a bottle? in the stationary area? are you mad woman? what is this evil potion you seek witch? can stick it up their jumper stick it right up... you wouldn't believe the looks i've had really you wouldn't and all for the pitiful attempt at slightly better slightly more legible handwriting... and it's still not a proper victory what with me having to go to bloody staples. staples people. not the eight oh yes eight different newsagents stationary areas but sodding staples. the world has gone and got very strange...
anyway the twisted reasoning behind this tragic mess was that i wanted the postcards i like to send to look a tiny bit nicer show a bit more care a bit more love for the crumpled greetings from oh who knows where popping through the letterbox which leads me to return to the long put over there till later plan for a postcard push a bit more niceness in your mail a wouldn't it be nice if you write on something and put a stamp on it and send it and i write on something and put a stamp on it and send it sort of thing... if you'd like a postcard or would like to send one drop a where you'd like it sending or where you'd like to send it to to mygoodgawdatyahoodotcodotuk and hopefully all manner of ephemera will cheer a posties wet wednesday...


Friday 4 July 2014


and just in time the super smashers at kent have only gone and reissued saint jackie 's most sought after little number the one the housekeeping will never stretch to not never not even if it's lentil suprise no booze and hungry hungry ducks all week. it's not a proper reissue what with someone else on the other side and all but it'll do for me oh yes it will... the proper b side is a smasher too a big rowdy go at one of those things that have welled me up since i was tiny terror...

jackie shane - you are my sunshine


find stand up straight and tall from ace right here

Wednesday 2 July 2014

and then...

how have i gone all these days without this? perhaps now is just the right time the time the record angels knew it'd be just the thing the thing that'd bring just the right tears the right gasps the right for gawd's sake why don't i have every nina record... thankyou girls on my mind i'm eternally grateful

nina simone - another spring


listening again on the machine and seeing that it's exactly two halves oh nina we love you...