Friday 28 January 2011

yours to call your very own

for gladys

the marvelettes - here i am baby

this glorious number has been here before i know but to my horror was the rubbish cut into a tiny piece off of some compilation or other version so here in all it's all the wayness it comes again and into the 99p soul box too. go easy


extra points to all the break spotters out there for the drum intro (and more) thingy's later whereabouts

Thursday 27 January 2011


a quick extra bundle of joy to go with dear davy and his treble to the metal pop moppets

because everyone should have jackie deshannon records and i didn't till not long ago at all. a disgrace i most surely am

jackie deshannon - needles and pins

now hop off and shop deshannon


wake up

note to self...

hey you the rocksteady crew show what you do make a break make a move wake up wake up wake up

this'll blow some cobwebs

ronald mesquita - balanca pema


Wednesday 19 January 2011

happy birthday to me...

...happy birthday to me something something up your jumper happy birthday to me

it's four this thing four flipping years of bafflement bewilderment waffling and heaven knows what. four. with a few little rests obviously but still. i got four of the lovliest little books in the world as a small present what with this year being a year i actually try and learn some things and all. facts and that. like that "immature gannets are first dusky all over, later piebald or white sprinkled with dark spots" and "towards nightfall a vague darkness may sometimes be seen rising slowly in the east : this is the shadow of the earth, cast by the setting sun upon the air". my brain's going to pop i just know it but it'll be worth it to read such magical stuff. i thought we'd best listen to some magical stuff too and i've been saving this for just such a celebration. it's one of my favourites. ta ever so chums for popping by and joining in

sam cooke - that's where it's at


Friday 14 January 2011

diaries out

that's right chucky eggs it's make a date time again - scrawl on the calendar inform the secretary rummage for the notebook cos the 99p soulers are back for more of your favourite fun and frolics. well alright they'll be playing some records drinking too much and having a little dance. and a sit down. but you know what i mean. old soul for old soaks. i do hope we see you there or at least that you enjoy a bit of join in here and over at the facebook doohicky (press that thing up there over there yep that one and it'll take you)


archie bell and the drells - everybody have a good time

99p soul
saturday 26th february
8pm to 1am
the betsy trotwood
56 farringdon road
99p on the door


Thursday 13 January 2011

join the undefeated

well that last number was a bit much wasn't it kiddiewinks a bit cloying a bit sulky and a universe away still from the doomy granduer of our shangri-las our gene pitneys oh heavens our johnnie rays (oh johnnie ray) all the heroes who see us through who hold our hands and swell our hearts and save us night after night and hell by seventeen we may've been downtrodden and despised locked out and lost but oh how we could sneer right back

let's fly

the pop group - where there's a will


Wednesday 12 January 2011

for those whose names were never called

that last dusty wrencher was written by janis ian you know that janis ian that one that did this... i'd all but forgotten this overdone and wretched thing but still..

come dance with me


Tuesday 11 January 2011

torment tuesday

wiser now you know but just as big a fool concerning you

dusty springfield - in the winter



from the abandoned never released longing lp

Friday 7 January 2011

hit me

it's germ warfare with insanity bourbon the cure all of choice round here and if davy's classic chi-lites don't get it right in an hour or two then i'm darned sure this will...

shuggie otis - aht uh mi hed

see you on the other side


Wednesday 5 January 2011

did you give the world some love today baby?

so five days in and i still don't understand anything other than pointing in answer to donde estan los servicios? am still a stranger texture than i should be around the middle still hungover still desperately unorganazized desperately unready. godammit. not even too sure what's for tea. hot dog i need an inspirational anthem that's what i need. last year doris's did you give the world some love today baby? actually did help. occasionally. it made feeding ducks in the park into a purposeful act made tap turning off and staggering about in the dark and lugging blue bin bags full of a frankly disturbing amount of bottles down four flights of stairs of a sunday evening that bit more oh i don't know... noticeable maybe?
and sharing the stuff i love on here too.
so how's about a bit of the ever so richard harris. richard bloody harris. it's a bit of tearjerker and all but ooh it's rousing and swelling and i'm going to have a burrito for tea.

richard harris - fill the world with love



it was anne over at i like what inspired this with her "i start each year thinking something amazing might happen" and " i keep listening until i believe that glorious, people-powered change is possible" and her stunning choice of matt monro and the zombies to see her through. i do hope doris and harris help too.

come with us, run with us