Tuesday 23 December 2008

a christmas gift for you

well i'm really really sorry for bringing destruction to the world and all but i just couldn't help myself what with the being intrinsically morally evil and what have you but hey what with it being the season of goodwill to all perhaps i could go a tiny way to at least making you giggle a bit as we burn. and if jim broadbent isn't the greatest virgin mary ever then i'm a loving pope.

the national theatre of brent - the greatest story ever told


Sunday 21 December 2008

you know

this old bit of gorgeousness has been stuck in my noggin for days and every time it plays rita tushingham pops up too like it's a soundtrack for something somewhere between a taste of honey and the leather boys or something. something i desperately want to see. i bet no one would cast dear rita these days the silly sods. i mean the then rita not the now one. is there anyone? anyone even slightly as ace? anyone who could call you ducks and not have the entire pictures get up and go home?

richard hawley - i'm on nights

buy yours from rough trade why don't you


Saturday 20 December 2008

remember remember

beer then wine you'll feel fine

wine then beer you'll feel queer

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... duckie


Friday 19 December 2008

on the town

there's one of those festive season excursions for the old folks this evening digging the happening sounds of yesteryear today. a top class turn a small sherry and home by half past ten. marvelous. if your home are letting you out do say hello. i'll be hugging the bar in regulation stripey jumper and radclyffe hall issue brogues.

an old one

stereolab - eye of the volcano

a new one
stereolab - three women

an 'inspiration'...
the casualeers - dance dance dance

Thursday 18 December 2008

what i did on my holidays

got in truck - big pick up for blending in with scary locals on the lookout for sarcastic fags but not as big as we wanted. somehow all planetary goodness is suspended in the hire car lot and i don't fancy heading into the dessert (it wiil always be called the dessert and we we always at least smirk when we say it) in something wiener and puny and besides you need room for a stetson in there. immediately start looking for kill a queer for christ bumper stickers so we can attach the pre-prepared ss's we've brought specially. there's a big yellow thing in the sky that makes stuff warm that i think i remember from somewhere. howl with delight buying beer from the petrol station. spoil blending in when the stereo belts out the pet shop boys singing go west. saved by the cadillacs. thankyou spud.

the cadillacs - speedoo

Friday 12 December 2008

the wonder of woolies

so where will the modern teen of today in search of a slipped out of the charts/never quite got in the charts 49p box on the counter slightly creased over thumbed through singles from now goddamnit ? all those didn't like it enough to pay full price for it but it's a bit better than all the other crap in here and now i've got it home it's actually flipping genius singles ? the poor little tykes. c'mon people just think about the children. oh and all the poor buggers with no job now. damn you whoevers fault this is! damn you all to hell!

bananarama - love in the first degree

and yet more nanas

Monday 8 December 2008

up the wooden hills

back and freezing and insomnia tortured to pieces and i've somehow managed to sigh and wriggle my back out and not the good sighing and wriggling neither but the please please please let me sleep now sort the jeez my brain can't entertain me for this many hours in a row sort the bored stupid and going mental sort. still the roadtrip was aces and worth a bit of payback (but it can stop now if it likes). i'm going back to bed.

roy orbison - in dreams