Monday 28 January 2013


soooooo here we go again for the 2013 dancing season... i do hope we see you there sweethearts.

rob has got a new mixcloud whatsit up to help get us in the mood too...


Friday 25 January 2013

folky friday

these snowy plaid turbaned wood chopping slack days are perfect for desert island disc catching up and martin carthy's just the other week one floored me with this cotten picking wonder. her story is worth digging into too if you've half a mo...

elizabeth cotten - freight train


Tuesday 8 January 2013

torment tuesday

 kodachrome edition...

beverly kenney - it's a blue world


with thanks always for the reminder from russell davies's sunday night radio two spectacular

Friday 4 January 2013

colours fly away

anyone remember the rattling on about kodak and colours and songs and oh all that? well i still am. i know. there was a shelf full of elitechrome in the rubbish excuse me how much photo shop down the road today that almost had me in tears... we'll be needing something immensely hell gargantuanly brilliant...

john coltrane - greensleeves


Wednesday 2 January 2013


 blimey that went quick didn't it. a right festive whirl. i do hope it was a joy my friends and that the new year finds you raring. here it's as up and at 'em as ever could be. tea and toast fueled mayhem. well it will be after i've done the washing up. and struggled some more with lezli and carrie. i think carrie might be winning but that lezli can be vicious...

lezli valentine - i won't do anything

carrie martin - i won't do anything