Wednesday 28 December 2011

drab drab drab

heavens all that shopping you poor poor shoppers all that shoving and stabbing and squashing and for this flat window gawper so little inspiration

vic godard and the subway sect - no style


Friday 16 December 2011


record rummaging shoe polishing wardrobe rifling it's frankly chaos round here... one certainty...

sergio mendes and brasil 77 - love music

see you tomorrow 99ers


Thursday 15 December 2011

Friday 2 December 2011

silly silly fools

a brand new me - number 35 in the lp charts. silly people. even sillier americans only number 107. silly me too what with it being pitifully underplayed so much so i've only just been hit by the astounding wonder of never love again and let me get in your way. what have i been doing...

this'll be played loud and proud to the 99pers and no mistake

dusty - never love again


Friday 25 November 2011

i just can't wait

xmas jamboree time dear hearts and i'll be letting mr soul of jamaica fly... do pop along if you're that way it'd be a huge pleasure to see you

alton ellis and the flames - girl i've got a date (soul version)


Thursday 24 November 2011

still craving inky fingers

so the internet is a smashing place we know but i still can't fold over a corner keep my place slide it under a bee buzzing back into the sunshine whoosh a bad mood wasp colour in the os and ps and rs and ds and bs and qs forget just where i put it slice fingers blood jeans (that'll never come out) scrunch it fold it tear it cut it out stick it on chew into little disgusting balls spit till it sticks fan it flick it seal it with a kiss secret message packed in a locket so thankyou thankyou thankyou your heart out crying all the way to the chip shop and caught by the river for your glorious paper treats

yours to have and to hold

and their genorosity knows no bounds - a song each from the bold brave brains behind the pages in your grubby paws

Howsabout this then - it's Bev Kelly with the Pat Moran Trio and it makes me go all weak-kneed

bev kelly - this love of mine

I think this captures something of what I write about

the intruders - cowboys to girls

OK, a bit silly this but how about 'The Computer's First Christmas Carol' by Edwin Morgan. Maybe because it's a poem (the 'zine contains poetry), maybe because it's about a computer (you can read Caught by the River every day on one of those, and maybe because it's by a Scot called Edwin. OK, he spells his name wrong but when I think of fanzines I think of Scots called Edwyn.
Happy Christmas
Jeff x

Otherwise, my mind has just been blown by the new Chris Watson album, El Tren Fantasma

edwin morgan - the computer's first christmas carol

hip hip


Friday 18 November 2011


lazy brain still mush heart shredded by gone birds great auks mysterious starlings tahiti rails pink headed ducks stephens island wrens spectacled cormorants white gallinules passenger pigeons oh heavens reunion owls

aaron neville - let's live


Sunday 13 November 2011

tears before bedtime

another giant down... go easy dear you made some of my favourite music ever ever

this is from the moonscape lp the heroic johnny trunk put out a while back

michael garrick - sketches of israel


buy more garrick

Tuesday 8 November 2011

torment tuesday

i'm afraid i''ve still not trolled back from the bungery dear hearts. it's that time of year...

reparata and the delrons - i'm nobody's baby now


Wednesday 26 October 2011

her latest flame

obssessed with this at the mo... can't quite tear myself away

deathly horace and all the serious youths of the netherlands

singing along to myself the jeri southern version

and the sweat dripping

and all those stupendous shots of big chords and rimshots and fat strings

oh boy

horace silver quintet - senor blues (live)


Saturday 22 October 2011


oh heavens there were smoochers too that bit that was supposed to be the end of the evening but ended up calm before storms holding on tight being braver than you could ever be 'hands slowly and gingerly make their way down her back'* magic moments...

i know we've had them all before but they're such wonders...

sam cooke - that's where it's at

dusty - the look of love

sugar hill - that's love



99p soul xmas jamboree saturday 17th december

* courtesy crying all the way to the chip shop

Friday 21 October 2011

clap hands

boy where does the week go feet still throbbing knees still creaking hips hell hips still have a sort of roll that won't quit still feel gladys flowing right through and oh these palms can still feel all that clapping all that applause the glorious crowd rang with after every song and oh most especially all that perfect heart bursting joining in with edu lobo... you know you got soul

gladys knight and the pips - no one could love you more

edu lobo - upa neguinho

the very hugest thankyou's to capitaine carmel and and mick the merciless for oh... just everything

and so you know just how marvelous a marvel that clapping was here's how it sounded real live 99p soul style...

edu lobo - upa neguinho (99p soul live)


Thursday 20 October 2011

it takes two

two sides of me and the mrs's two heads better (specially when one is swimming in bourbon) mid evening half hour mine whatever nonesense getawaywithable her finale sure shot floor shakers... folks swinging to glen & bobbie sure was a sight to treasure too. ta ever so 99ers

glen campbell & bobbie gentry - mornin' glory

the flirtations - nothing but a heartache


Wednesday 19 October 2011

i haven't stopped dancing yet

well alright so i have stopped dancing yet truth be told i haven't stopped resting my poor old worn out lallies hell my poor old worn out all the bloomin rest of me but my it was worth it yes indeed. my favourite of the 99ps so far and if you made it along thank you ever so. for all the poor folk stuck far far away or tucked up cosy indoors i thought it'd be nice to share some of the evenings most specialestest charms and mister rob's very kindly sent along a right little bunch of crackers to get us started bless his heart

exportations - i want you

montclairs - hey you don't fight it

jimmy rae - that'll get it

et white and the great potential - got to find a true love

there'll be more to come tomorrow so see then sweethearts

Friday 14 October 2011


i do hope the zhooshing is going spectacularly sweet dears and that you'll all be perfect pictures of loveliness in time for tomorrow and all the wonderment in store. the 99pers wow the floor from 8 o'clock - i do hope we see you there

here's another record i can't afford but'll top of the shopping list when my ship comes in... a proper heart sweller

george wydell - from out of nowhere


Friday 7 October 2011


a week and a day dear hearts till we're 99p souling again - it'd be wonderful if you could join us

if i can track a copy down in time i'll be playing this

jackie opel - tears from my eyes


Tuesday 4 October 2011

no. 9 excursion

we present a dreadfully shockingly frankly embarrassingly overdue super lovely magnificent seven selection of sounds courtesy of everyones favourite seasider and bus rider the absolutely very mr glen (atlas) grainger

i'm most awful sorry these are in nowhere near the order they're supposed to be and that i've not got the little lovelies all stuck together hell that i don't even know who any of them cept the joe bataan one are by but i'm far away and out of touch and oh all sorts... first one to name the artistes gets a present...

love'll get you high

irma thomas - anyone who knows what love is

esther marrow - mama

lee williams and the cymbals - a girl from a country town

joe bataan - subway joe

you're gonna miss me

kenny lynch - half the day is gone


Friday 30 September 2011

Tuesday 27 September 2011

let's get lavender

lord help us but east london pride the first bit of homosexual freedom fighting worth trolling about for in an awful while what with the bashing and the stickering and the general rottenness all over the place getting way past out of hand managed 500 rebels 500 brave and strong souls 500 ah gee. not that i went obviously what with afternoon birthday boozing and time traveling record playing and all but oh heavens the shame of it.

and just when beautiful dirk had just wowed the living room again too. it's worn astoundingly well really it has. go watch sweet things

and go blimey to nancy

nancy wilson - where does that leave me?

and stand up for your love


Monday 19 September 2011

housewives rebel

throw off the shackles dear hearts and come with us run with to where the air is good and the day is fine and a pretty girl has her hand in mine and the silver stream is a poor man's wine as saturday night tottenham high road transmogrifies wonderously into the young loves dream of laurel canyon. that's right children tottenham high road is the new hollywood hills right there just up from sunset left of seven sisters. it's a bloomin' miracle.

i shall be doing my very best buttoned up square and playing some records inbetween tutting at the hep youths. this record most definitely

barbara and ernie - play with fire

return to the flower cult canyon
saturday 24th september
399 the high road n17 6qn
facebook for all the facts


Friday 16 September 2011


so contrary to previous previousness the 99pers are back in action well i say action if by action you mean having a chat getting rather over familiar with a bourbon playing some records they like and having a go at some of that dancing and yes indeed that sounds like action to me so action it is on saturday the 15th of october back in the betsey's lovely basement. it'd be an absolute joy to see you there petals.

the all romance rob ryan has treated us to a super special sneak preview of the evenings treats gawd bless 'im so take it away mr rob...

'Ok, this is the current big one'

step by step - cool days are out of style

'I'm still blue about Nick Ashford's death, I always think that the lyrics are what always make a song for me, but I found this thing on youtube last year where some clever clogs had separated the strings from the rest of the song and the beauty and structure of it is breathtaking ! Ashford and Simpson !!!!'

ain't nothing like the real thing strings'

and here's rob's glorious shop window nick ashford tribute in case you missed it...


Wednesday 14 September 2011


treasures of the north part oooooohhh howevermany... out for my dear mother's seventyeth i ended up head in hands despairing yet again at the mass ignoring of modern beauties and everyone else ended up head in hands despairing yet again at me throwing down another huge one and going on and on and on and on and on and on about yet another stupid bit of concrete/knitting/rust/heavenonlyknowswhatnow. i was right again obviously. i mean just look at it. forton services we love you

the cafe's stupid offices now which is a desperate waste but still the tower is astounding

and it's on the way to morecambe

jackie opel - shelter in the storm


more at

Monday 12 September 2011

Friday 9 September 2011


tweed. i'm thinking tweed. lots of it. and those brogues down the piccadilly arcade. cashmere twinset even. i'm that sort of age and it's that sort of light. low early all off a sudden. equinoxy as anything. libraries need visiting too. and empty seasides.

nancy pridy - you've come this way before


Saturday 3 September 2011


four weeks to go and we're back in the betsey's basement sweet things... i do hope you can pop along

if i could lay my greedy hands on three hundred and sixty five big ones the place would be bursting into clench fisted tears to stand up straight and tall but with a bit of luck scrimping svaing and birthdaying it'll be just as overjoyed with this this little beauty

people get ready

jackie shane - comin' down


Thursday 1 September 2011

oh anthony

dear astounding anthony you've gone and blown my heart apart all over again all dreadful d-darling novelty terrrible a side what were you thinking then this totally joyous wonder b side gee how many fools like me never turned it over distraught after that first play of the a? don't you hide your love away

anthony newley - i'll walk beside you


Monday 29 August 2011

bank holiday bossa

my but it's been a while since i swung easy between good times and gaz's rocking blues via a red stripe or three an awful long time. crowds don't do it for me these days all that squashedness but i do hope the sun is shining down the grove right now

play nice carnivaliers

flora purim - samba do carioca


Monday 15 August 2011

modal monday

or day thirty one maybe... i enjoyed that thirty day challenge doohickey feel like i fumbled a chunk and that too many of the days had shoddy themes but enjoyed it still. anyone got any better questions/ideas/themes/whatevers? what with having to get on a train tomorrow egg sandwiches crisps and everything how about 'a song you listen to while travelling on trains' that'd do for starters and it's easy what with jazz being train music jazz and scott and frank and almost nothing else all quiet in the quiet coach headphones sneaked on snug not leaky hissing headphones neither different music to car music sing along music this is total immerrsion all the way to the toes music there and all the way back again

michael garrick septet - ursula


Thursday 11 August 2011


it's all got a bit much now hasn't it most especially since the foul reactionary spouters have started up churning my insides even more than the flames and greed and turning the radio into a no go zone. all got me dreaming of places far beyond deserts gardens feeding the birds quiet. perhaps some more folk funk lovliness will help

nanette natal - lavender thursday


Tuesday 9 August 2011

night and the city

eerie quiet down my street half the shops closed up mid afternoon tourists confused and a strange strangeness all over the west end. at least the builders have left us huge pile of handy rubble. peace go with you brothers and sisters

helen merrill - quiet nights


Friday 5 August 2011

day tripper

hot dog there's just no stopping us now intrepid explorers extreme strollers super seasiders... tomorrow's bexhill-on-sea to eastbourne all pavillions and notarianni's milk bar chips and sundaes brolly just in case tartex and tomato rolls for the train. marvelous.

come on feet start moving got to get me there

edwin starr - 25 miles

oh go on seeing as it's you...

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - daytripper

Friday 29 July 2011

now is the time

do you think it might be summer? just now right here now? nearly? i'm quite warm so i'm guessing it must be. we're off on an epic day out to norfolk tomorrow a proper get up early bus train bus packed lunch cardie if it's a bit chilly by the sea bus train bus home epic day out so it'd be nice if it did try to be at least a tiny bit summery. i hope it is for you too and that the peachy ms mellon weaves her magic

le grand mellon - summertime