Thursday 30 June 2011

day twenty five

"a song that makes you laugh"

what? do they mean in a you're having a bleedin' larf kind of a way surely not that'd be too too way too many they mean actual laughing don't they oh god not laughing not like something funny laughing. not a song that makes you laugh. oh please don't do this to me. i'm trying here really (very trying very goddam funny)

alright alright so jonathan richman and the modern lovers doing vincent van gogh got a mention oh jesus years back now and the first few times that the baddest painter since jan vermeer line giggled the place stupid still always raises at least a smirk and ol' jr he's good for a spot in this whole mess. he could've had now is better than before and i'm just beginning to live and important in your life on other days so hey surrender to jonathan...

jonathan richman and the modern lovers - vincent van gogh


Wednesday 29 June 2011

day twenty four

"a song that you want to play at your funeral"

sadly i won't be playing anything at my funeral will i. that's kind of the point of the thing. it's nigh on impossible to think of ourselves uninvolved in the thing though isn't it. my dear old dad spends a ghastly amount of time on the script for his. songs jokes the lot. he does love an audience and it's heartbreaking to think he won't be at his own do. i keep trying to think of a way to have it while he's still here and i really should try harder to sort it. memorial services would be so much more fun if those we were celebrating were there with us.
so i don't care for funerals. all those people no one's seen for years all those regrets all those should've saids all those too bloody late nows

phil ochs - when i'm gone


Tuesday 28 June 2011

day twenty three

"a song that you want to play at your wedding"

we don't need no paper from the city hall keeping us tied and true heck no. i'm all confetti delirious for the folks that do and i love the thought of those big public proclamations those gatherings and all just can't grasp what it's got to do with the man. man. specially when they give and take those rights willy nilly. nilly mainly. we get along without you very well.

dear pat and sally exited their's to bring me sunshine which brought the whole place to it's knees and i blubbed to as around the sun the earth knows she's revolving and the rosebuds know to bloom in early may just as hate knows love's the cure you can rest your mind assure that I'll be loving you always and the whole rest was read to tim and deb but hell i don't know what i'd have. nothing maybe just cos songs are so loaded already full of too much other stuff other folks stuff too. i think i'd like quiet and tweety birds just soak everything in.

mind you if there was dancing after i'd demand this

tavares - heaven must be missing an angel


Monday 27 June 2011

day twenty two

"a song that you listen to when you’re sad"

sometimes i think we've been ruined by our records. all those unrequiteds all those losts those betrayals cheatings schemings dreamings. how we ever going to love when our soundtrack hurts so bad. how we going to win when our songs are for losers. but then they lift you up too those records soar your soul (like i said weeks ago now weeks hell) open up your big glorious heart swell you. you know.

frank sinatra - only the lonely


Sunday 26 June 2011

day twenty one

"a song that you listen to when you’re happy"

one for my beloved cos when she's happy i'm happy

the monochrome set - cast a long shadow


Saturday 25 June 2011

day twenty

"a song that you listen to when you’re angry"

much more likely to go for a nice sit down somewhere lovely like phoenix gardens watch the sparrows on the feeders and splashing about in the fish pond deep breaths and calm calm calm these days but i guess there've been times when records were reached for vodka spilled and all screeching along to public image or liar's beware or adult-ery or some just as rowdy rawkusness those shouty releases and some scratchy ones

dr octagon - bear witness


Friday 24 June 2011

day nineteen

"a song from your favorite album"

it's lp round here heartface. your favourite lp. album is despicably rockist don't you think. anway you know what we've already said about favourites. we don't hold with them shake our weedy fists at them apart from when they're glen campbell singing witchita lineman which is so heavenly it defies just about everything

soooooo shall we just pull something out of the lp pile and stick with that. i think that'd be best

oh that worked rather well... it's the soul jazz love strata east compilation so lets wake up the neighbourhood with some jazz yodelling. you heard me right brave souls jazz yodelling. hold tight

pharoah sanders - prince of peace


Thursday 23 June 2011

ad break

last call for 99p soul my dolly old dears up and at 'em once again on saturday. do come and say hello if you make it down it'd be lovely to see you.

now this might sound like some square advice but it pays to be kinda nice

the impressions - first impressions


day eighteen

"a song that you wish you heard on the radio"

the night time was for truckers sad songs for truckers. all you found on the dial after midnight was sad songs for truckers. sometimes i think i must've dreamt all that a long long dream for all those years all those country hits i can't believe i could've heard anywhere else all those crooners. so i beg for more. beg to reclaim the night for tears for the lonely for the road oh for the crooners for newley more newley

when a soft caress demands a yes

anthony newley - who can say


Wednesday 22 June 2011

day seventeen

"a song that you hear often on the radio"

a what ? a song ? no really there are songs ? on the radio ? desert island discs apart obviously. there's the archers theme which is the cue to flip to football but hell that's torturous enough even when it's just the teensiest hint. radio four all the way here darlings then football tittle tattle and matches that mean nothing of an evening and weekend. records pop up when you're least expecting them still. it's cos we're old and the folk making radio are old too. the bastards keep rubbing it when i'm least expecting it. like half past one in the sodding afternoon. john cooper clarke shouldn't be able to play me james brown records while i'm making a sandwich to radio four. it's unnatural.

you can hear him doing it to you here but i suggest you fit in your day better than the bbc do


Tuesday 21 June 2011

day sixteen

"a song that you used to love but now hate"

oh come now. i mean i know i'm fickle and shallow and prone to the odd exageration but really...

another lover for torment tuesday

dusty springfield - all cried out


Monday 20 June 2011

day fifteen

half way there...

"a song that describes you"

well i'm not a dustman or vincent van gogh or an iceream man or hell any of those things i can think of there being songs about for starters. if there was one about good fer nothing bleeding heart do gooders who never really get around to anything eat a lot of fruit drink a bit more than they ought to wander off of the point and like ducks then we'd be away but...

someone i didn't know very well once said this was just my sort of record and it is it is it just is so this'll have to do

we've had it before and we'll have it again (at 99p soul on saturday for starters)

jon lucien - would you believe in me


Sunday 19 June 2011

day fourteen

oh come on...

"a song that no one would expect you to love"

oh to be less obvious. deeper. mysterious even. never going to happen is it.

no great leap but it's the best i can do... right on for the darkness

spidernet - awake


Saturday 18 June 2011

day thirteen

"a song that's a guilty pleasure"

never no no no there ain't no such thing. a pleasure's a pleasure and let's celebrate. in the spirit of the thing mind you i have been known to giggle behind my guardian at a train load of northern manilow supporters taking in all three nights and kept zipped about my keenness for a whole bunch of barry. i feel the change coming i feel the wind blow i feel brave and daring i feel my blood flow... oh i do i do...

barry manilow - weekend in new england


Friday 17 June 2011

a word from our sponsors

99p soulers rejoice! another night of fun and frolics to gobble up next saturday and a delight of a gift from mister rob right now now now to get everyone in the mood

we don't know where in heavens he digs 'em up from but we're awful glad he does

e.t.white and the great potential - got to find a true love

do come and say hello now won't you dears


day twelve

oh no you don't

"a song from a band you hate"

why would i?

have another from a lover

the techniques - queen majesty


Thursday 16 June 2011

day eleven

gee they love a favourite this lot they surely do

"a song from your favourite band"

they're funny things groups aren't they. they're groups not bands round here. i mean proper ones ones where they're actually groups. not a singer and some blokes but that thing when a bunch of people make a noise that's all of them like when topper left and it wasn't the clash any more and that drummer you know the jazzy one off of those hurrah records and him in the june brides that wasn't brian that kinda spoilt it all. like the go-betweens aren't the go-betweens without lindy morrison. those late lps aren't go-betweens records they're robert and grant records. they're still astounding just not go-betweens records. and that wasn't a specials reunion without jerry dammers. that was some of the specials. it's not the same thing it's just not. and do the impressions count? or little anthony and the imperials? they don't do they. or brasil '66? what about the heptones? i wish it could be little anthony and the imperials. i love little anthony and the imperials.

but ah sod it i'm feeling decidedly bossa right here right now so bossa is it. i know bugger all 'bout them but the only lp i've got is beautiful so today it's this lovely lot

quarteto novo - misturada



Wednesday 15 June 2011

ad break

ludicrously tardy as ever a litle behind and all and i just know you good good people have been and thumbed your copy to crumpled already but just in case you've not why not go grab yourself some lovely lovely internet you can spill stuff on tear bits out off stick to your wall some actual magazine with real pages and everything imagine that pages paper pages. it's an utterly fabe undertaking you really should have and hold. go buy now

norma jean - i'm a walking advertisement (for the blues)


day ten

what? day ten? ten? you mean twenty more to go? oh for heaven's sake...

"a song that makes you fall asleep"

i think they mean a song that you can go to sleep to. a bedtime sort of song. they do don't they. there was a time when my head was so full of clattering and rattling and hell it just needed distracting of a bedtime drowning out shutting up. the thing is records just filled it with other stuff lovelorn stuff as a rule what with your quiet songs almost always being murderous your franks and your tonys and your jonis and your peace peaces that never fail to wake you up ears pricked for the tiniest tinkles that'll leave you wide eyed all night and leave your heart battered forever indoctrinated

so no i don't think there is one. not a song. stories though. when i got my complete radio 4 sherlock holmes on cassette pile off of ebay i was gone to the world. missed the end of almost all of them. but here's one that'll slay you to the end that'll get the lips quivering

sherlock holmes - the casebook of sherlock holmes - the retired colourman


Tuesday 14 June 2011

day nine

"a song that you can dance to"

truth be known i'm a shuffler. a wiggler. not a stepper. hips not feet. i wish i could do feet but they get a bit too random half way through as a rule. wander. it don't quite get to that natural thing that gliding. cor i wish i could glide. to jazz most of all. glide and twirl. nothing fancy and all not showing off just the odd glide and twirl. still i'm a happy wiggler.

let's stick with the hits

bill withers - kissing my love


Monday 13 June 2011

day eight

"a song you know all the words to"

my dear old pal patrick had a leaving london do years ago oh hell years ago now upstairs in some boozer in fitzrovia i think assorted rocknrollers singing songs and showing off and making us miss him hugely already already and pat knew bruce words and paul knew mott and alex knew bob and all the slurry rest off us thought we knew stay free we met when we were at school never took no shit from no one we were weren't fools something something something something something something you know we piss on everyone in the classroom something something something something weekends we'd go dancing down streatham on the bus choas falling over spillages i love you love you smoking menthol i practiced daily in my room diddle didle diddle do do diddle do you were down the crown planning your next move go on a nicking spree hit the wrong guy each of you gets threeeeee years in brixton i did my very best to write how was butlins were the screws to tiiiiiight when you lot get out we're gonna hit the town we'll burn it fucking down to a cinder cos years have passed and things have changed i move anyway i'm wanna go and i'll never forget the feeling i had when i heard that you got home and i'll never forget the smile on face cos i knew where you would be and if you're in the crown tonight have a drink on me go easy bum bum bum bum step light ly buuuuum stay free


Sunday 12 June 2011

day seven

they're struggling already...

"a song that reminds you of a certain event"

hell i'm struggling already. we've already had places people now event. event for gawds sake...

okay okay a quick one ... last sunday afternoon at dingwalls last record of years of delights and huge inspirations and daytime booze ups...


Saturday 11 June 2011

day six

i can't take the pace really i can't...

"a song that reminds you of somewhere"

the entire john denver repertoire on the radio cassettte all the way to cornwall i don't know how many years in row. too many. i wouldn't torture you. quite why we didn't have more tapes is a mystery still. and it was a day and half drive. at least. more probably. almost every bowie record is my sister's bedroom with me banging on the wall. you just can't like the same records as your little sister. unless she pinched them off of you then you just like them a little less. and walmer bridge village hall is all manner of joy and pain. something for everyone. the rockers in a circle banging heads too school haired but dreaming of leathers and unimaginary guitars the farmer's boys and girls lined up for quo and the big bagged soulers tank topped and taking up the whole room same steps same songs every fortnight... clap your hands now...

the velvelettes - needle in a haystack


Friday 10 June 2011

oh my soul

quite marvelously another 99p soul has popped out of nowhere just when even i wasn't ready and you know how super prepared and with it we always are round here. i do hope you can join us sweetiepies just don't forget your castanets - you'll be needing them and all your sha la la la loo skills for this...

timi yuro - insult to injury

it'd be really lovely to see you if you're about


day five

"a song that reminds you of someone"

my oh my... old friends way long ago back when we all had our thing all desperate for a bit of originality all echo and the bunnymen or section 25 or wire or soft cell or judy street or the fall or gang of four oh you think they're the same but they're not the same your favourite shirt is on the bed do a somersault on your head gee they take you right there don't they those songs but i bet all those folks i think of think of different songs better less cornball ones. mine then would've been an orange juice one i guess. the songs that stuck. oh heck i don't know. places i can do people are hard. whenever heart of gold pops up i think of simon out of bob singing i've been to romford i've been to ilford so i guess that counts but we're clutching at straws here so lets stick with those old days school days and unifying factors

a certain ratio - lucinda


Thursday 9 June 2011

day four

oh where do i start...

"a song that makes you sad"

today maybe this will do cos i've just got off of the phone to my dear old dad and these days i'm full to bursting with the terror of him not being about with the terror of how terrifying it must be to be counting down the time the oh my... sorry and all but you know you know... we're that age is all. this is one of his songs one that i can never hear without him stamped right through it. cue floods...

nina simone - mr bojangles


Wednesday 8 June 2011

day three

ah crap...

"a song that makes you feel happy"

can a song do that? really? these days? those opening thinking of you chords maybe or i want you back but then i want you back is desperate sad like when the bottle used to blow up a dance floor hell when it blew up 99p soul a while back and you can't wipe off a smile no matter how hard you try. like how it's always atrocious when some faker sings a heartbreaker with a stupid camera smirk. oh johnnie ray johnnie ray. and i believe in miracles all of i believe in miracles every blast. then joyce's ba dada bada ba da ayyy oh la can't not never nudge me to brightness not never not ever. but then the majesty of the saddest records in the world make you all privileged to be alive to hear them they raise you up watertown and in the wee small hours and a man alone and all those vast mostly chunks of our record piles but still that ba dada bada ba da ayyy oh la...

joyce - aldeia de ogum


Tuesday 7 June 2011

day two

oh what am i doing...

"your least favourite song"

imagine has gotta be close. or any of those moptop squeelers. i want to hold your hand or something. hey jude. but really it's got to be something by queen or somebody. something the foul scum from school liked. something that i despise by association that probably isn't even fair or true but stings still. they were crumbs queen too. fakers. i threw a vol au vont at brian may once. in the planetarium. missed by miles obviously studid no sport skills but still. i know that's too easy. that it should be something by some betrayer some let downerer and all but nothing makes me wish i was a fully armed 15 year old like queen. still it was almost worth it for the seconds the classroom scortched with this...

fire engines - get up and use me


Monday 6 June 2011

day one

who's silly idea idea was this...? a thirty day song song challenge. just the thing for kicking the old old girl into action time and vision. pitiful i know. no really i do. aw shucks what the hey...

day one...

"your favourite song"

it's impossible to have a favourite song. we know that. we just do. everyone does. my head's still full of johnny rivers singing it's my own fault what happens to my heart you see i've always known you'd go so that's my favourite today and family affair is pretty much the most perfect bit of 45rpmness there could ever be and all the huge spaces that float your heart in never too much and the big modal chords in mccoy tyner's big fingers and oh you just can't have a favourite. s'impossible. ah rats we all know everyone's is witchita lineman. it can't not be witchita lineman. glen singing it. oh you just know.

and for a special treat how's about sergio's glorious go

sergio mendes & brasil 66 - witchita lineman