Monday 9 June 2008

ain't you got no bleedin homes to go to

i've read some strange and frightening things over the weekend mainly courtesy of a mysterious mr h. this poor disturbed soul has filled my nightmares with such terrors as 'beach bar' 'chilled beats' 'sandaled feet' and most diabolical yet 'i never wear shoes'. 'i never wear shoes'? have you ever heard anything so despicable ? and to cap it all there's a selection of these 'chilled beats'. whatever they are. the briefest examination leads me to believe they're quite jolly ditties enjoyed by your young people. sends a shiver down the spine just thinking about them doesn't it?
round here we know that beer is for crying in and the only good boozer is a dingy boozer. where people wear shoes. and the crooner is king.

a dingy boozer selection
anthony newley - what kind of fool am i
matt monro - on days like these
judy garland - the man that go away
johnnie ray - cry
ella fitzgerald - miss otis regrets
frank sinatra - one for my baby

for more dodgy boozer treats i suggest a visit to dodgy boozers

random london fact of the week
there are several pubs in the west end that go by the name ‘the blue posts’. these pubs are supposedly named after actual blue posts that once marked the boundaries of the old hunting ground that gave its name to soho (‘soho!’ being an old hunting call).
if you fancy a pub crawl to check out these establishments for yourself, the pubs can be found on newman street, berwick street, rupert street, kingly street and bennett street (just off st. james’s street).
thankyou londonist. but just go to berwick street.


davyh said...

I'd wear shoes in those on account of the sticky carpet x

Fire Escape said...

I'm a Newman St man myself (was just there on Saturday, in fact). I still miss the Blue Posts on Hanway St. They did it up (lick of paint and its first clean for several decades) in the late 90s and it only lasted another year or so.

Simon said...

Ah man, The Blue Posts on Hanway Street. I used to drink in there a lot at the start of the 90s, cos it was our local when I worked at the Virgin Megastore. It had a pretty good jukebox as I recall.

Roger said...

Berwick Street for me, many a record shopping trip has been finished off with a few pints in there.

Anonymous said...

I know it's only a coincindence with probably no more significance than that, but I was in the Newman Street Blue Posts on Saturday night with a mate who put me on to Dusty7s which is why I logged on today only to see the Blue Posts featured. A definite coincidence.

I now see what I've been missing all this time - shame I can't listen to the music. Those Iknow, I know and those I don't I can digout.


Mondo said...

Great mix Ally, (and Matt Monro too) It's like a soundtrack to the sort of boozy do, my aunts and uncles used to hold above some pub in Drury Lane..

ally. said...

'don't have a snoozy do let's have a boozy do' as the song goes. i'd forgotten all about the hanway street one it all seems such a long time time ago that i was in there...
lovely to have you round mr anon i hope you get to listen to the tunes somehow...
davy - we'd always make an exception for you dear - flip flops maybe ?

BLTP said...

any chance of a lock in?

londonlee said...

I used to drink in The Pillars of Hercules, The Dog and Duck and The Bathhouse when I were in Soho.

bleecher said...

shoes? a country boy at heart, a couple of old badgers will do for me...

oh an big up the lomo massive (thats wat the 'illin' kids say nowadays isnt it?)