Monday, 18 August 2008

tears all over town

that's not rain soaking you to the skin darlings that's angels' tears. angels that've been at the gin and side four of greatest hits volume two again.

bob dylan - tomorrow is a long time



davyh said...

As Rockin' Bob replied when a fan shouted for this by name at a concert - 'It sure is' x

Anonymous said...

I had to turn the volume down while I was playing this as I suddenly became acutely aware that my next-door neighbour is a 60s vintage Dylan obsessive whose wife has just moved out. It was too easy to imagine his heart breaking in a million tiny pieces if he even just overheard it through the adjoining wall...

(Confession: I always prefer other people covering Dylan songs. It's his voice. At least there wasn't a harmonica break on this one.)