Monday 5 January 2009

ba bada bada ba ba bada ba bada badaba whooooo

finally germ free and feeling mighty adolescent and spitting in the face of gloom and doom... keep your heads to the sky sweet children and dream on

norman conners - mother of the future



davyh said...

Sorry you bin poorly and HNY I missed you X

Simon said...

What Davy says. He so smooth, always gets there first!


Mondo said...

What a photo - what a tune - what a name - Norman Conners - smashing stuff Ally

dickvandyke said...

'It's her built-in protection
Without fear she'd give up and die'

Halla fuckin lulia. I possess a hangover the size of Peru. I need some of your p-zazzy stuff. Berocca and bacon not working.

back to warmth, duvet and darkness .. farewell my scrummykins

ally. said...

ta duckies - pleasure to see y'all up and at 'em.

and warmth duvets and darkness work every time

Anonymous said...

Mighty mighty track! Even better than 'Once I've Been There'? What do you reckon? I can never make my mind up.

Is Slewfoot worth a punt then? I had this track for about 15 years on a tape that I bought from a stall in Brick Lane for a quid but it died of terminal woobliness a couple of years back. Bless you Dusty Sevens! You are our fairy godmother. Reunited and it feels so fine...

Happy New Year! Drown those germs in gin.

ally. said...

ooh the old brick lane tape stall. i'd forgotten about that. the hours looking got me about one thing ever i think and i can't remember what that was now...
slewfoot's fine but as with pretty much every lp in my record pile it's only really got one great thing on it