Thursday 10 September 2009


just a quickie... after the fun we've had (well at least the fun i've had) with the brit funk of linx at their slappiest and the brit dub of aswad in their pomp i thought we should have a bit more so how's about a big hand for the darling's of wapping wharf launderette the very the small faces and their darling brit pop

small faces - eddie's dreaming

and an especially big big big hand for mr ronald leafy lane...


is that the record shop of heaven up there above ???



Mondo said...

It's all too beautiful
*goes cross eyed and faints*

davyh said...

'Song Of The Baker' is my favourite and best Small Faces song. True! x

ally. said...


spud said...

Hat trick! Small Faces are the rockingest pop. Always looked great too, especially Marriot.