Friday 16 October 2009

october 'onourables

i know i know please forgive me i've got a little behind....

the snatched last of the summer sunshine streetside half (with honourable mention to the dog and duck - a very fine corner)

the taking of pelham 123 matthau masterpiece nu yoiking about all over the place

the algerian coffee house's beautifully brown paper packaged oolong


david goodis - dark passage like the film only way darker and sadder and darker and a bit less lauen bacall and boy is goodis grand

the oooooooohhhh of the thames festival fireworks

gerard donovan - julius winsome
tears before during and after bedtime

the endless tiny little fishes under the bridge in st james's park

purfleet to grays thames path expedition (see here)


heard in a shop and the song of the month by a huuuuuuuuge stretch why didn't i know till now huh? he used to come down to portobello back in my market trader days ('ardest job in the world that)and buy racks of bootleg tapes off of my pal fred and look miserable as sin but was very nice and always had a good hat which we all know says a lot about a chap

david soul - silver lady

and to get you flying to the video shop

david shire - the taking of pelham 123 main theme



davyh said...

God it's good to have you back. Everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you.

I was once delighted to spot David Soul having a quiet pint in a Kensington pub. But less impressed when I left to encounter him on the street yelling violent obscenities down his phone at what I took to be his current 'partner'.

Let's have a quiet night in together by the fireside; it sure brings out the love in your eyes. Only, this time I'm going in with my eyes open.


Kippers said...

Don't give up on us, Davy.

davyh said...

Lord knows, we've come this far Kips.

Mondo said...

"David Soul having a quiet pint in a Kensington pub" that's the sort of thing we need for for Podrophenia love the pics of the Thames Path when are you gonna celebrate my fave chip shop The Mayflower in Old Leigh..?

BLTP said...

cheers for meades link i supposed to be finding a job/life/doing the washing now i can waste my time marvelling at JM for hours. I said it elsewhere but your family know how to take a picture .

ally. said...

grand to be back kiddiewinks

spud said...

Crikey. That Pelham theme is a bit exciting. Ominous parping low-end brass? Galloping tribal drums? That sort of thing normally heralds the arrival of apes on horseback. Except this time you get capering snippets of out-there jazz melody. So the final mental image is of Ornette Coleman leading a cavalry charge of silverback gorillas...

ally. said...

It's a stormer ain't it - and I think you should be doing descriptions for a living