Tuesday 2 February 2010

another explosion

wi fi grabbing on the run (gee but i'm modern) so short sharp selections from the tip toppest compilation of the moment is just about all i can manage till i end up somewhere a bit comfier. wrap up warm now darlings

new york city - i'm doing fine now



davyh said...

Oh tell us where you are International Woman Of Mystery, do.

ally. said...

grim up north as can be possibly be backstreet stockport today oh the glamour - robinsons unicorn brewery and strawberry studios suprise treats.
tomorrow deepdale

dickvandyke said...

Pop across the Pennines ally for a decent pint, a log fire and a pork scratching. You can see my shed, meet Trevor (my ferret) and then come with me to sample the heady atmosphere at Elland Rd to see the mighty Whites .. probably get turned over by Tottingham.

ally. said...

over the penines without a cardie on these conditions ? but meeting your ferret is sure tempting. another hoefully sunnier day mister