Wednesday 5 May 2010

no.9 excursion

something to bring joy to our hearts as we face the terror of a new dark age. courage comrades and fight on fight on (or at least sit in pubs moaning).

this week's champion magnificent sevener is long time reader first time caller the very marvelous mr
glen grainger

so come with us run with us

"my dads bus was the number 9 if anyone wants to jump on board i'll take them on a musical jaunt red bus rover free"

oh and what a jaunt

no.9 excursion zipped up good for hop on hop offers

and for the back seat lurkers

joe hinton - hanna's love

hank levine - image part one

leroy hutson - cool out

bamboo - girl of the seasons

colette kelly - city of fools

gang do tagerela - melo da tagerella

brenton wood - better believe it

now wish hard children wish so very hard



Simon said...

Now isn't that funny, I was listening to Brenton Wood's Gimme Little Sign on repeat play the other day thinking what a great voice he had..

Yr Heartout said...

And the perfect film to watch while listening - with a song about the Number 9 bus at the start.

Mondo said...

Oh grabbing it now Ally - 90% done with your mix now x

Anonymous said...


Darcy said...

love the numberplate

Darcy said...

Enjoyed my #9 trip. A great mix.

londonlee said...

Don't think I've seen a #9 with a Royal Albert Hall stop indicated on the front. I used to get those a lot when I lived in Hammersmith.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm...FANTASTICO!!! :-)!!!

Anonymous said...

like I said Glen...Ace after Ace after Ace...perfect!!

ally. said...

ain't it just. top hole

Mick said...

Thanks Glen (and Ally) - lovely mix, lovely.

spud said...

That's a great one. I'm really impressed by the standard of these guest mixes (and a bit relieved that I went first). Love that Image track. And Brenton Wood? Got to be good.