Monday 7 June 2010


now then. there's been a worrying trend developing round these parts. very worrying. my old moniker has started growing. going a bit wrong like. developing capitals for starters. and a troublesome 'miss'. fine and dandy for your confederate states i'm sure but in the people's republic we tell it straight. and there's she who makes my heart go boom to think of too and all don't forget. so let's pull our socks up children and mrs all the way. or comrade has a lovely ring i've always thought. or just ally will do lovelyly.

it's political correctness gone mad.

walter jackson - speak her name


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davyh said...

I'm sorry Miss x

ally. said...

oh you are awful...


Kippers said...

The red miss-ed descends?

Anonymous said...

to get a tune as loverly as this one
maby, the odd outbrake of anger is worth it, but ill leave it to some one else to wind up mrs comrade ally
cos im to scared, ha ha in teansy weansy letters from Glen. cruel move putting the ace website up though. i need this one i cant live with out that one ect

ally. said...

i'm not angry i'm disappointed

i've always wanted to say that. i'm not either as it goes but it was worth it just for that chance

Yr Heartout said...

Nah you got it all wrong. We was just saying we miss-ed you when you go AWOL!

spud said...

No misses here.

Non-stop hits all the way.

spud x