Thursday 4 November 2010

beirnin' love

oh boy oh boy only a week and a bit to go and i'm nowhere. nowhere nowhere nowhere. riah - abominable. drag - unfathomable. slap - charlie caroli. handbag - nanti.

thank gawd there's our very own (we've said it before but we'll say it again) brains behind the operation everybody's go to trotskyite magic mick beirne to rely on ship shape suave and brilliantined

when a man says "all i can say is that most of them were revealed to me by very generous friends and i love them" you just know you're gonna swoon

alice clark - you hit me

bobby moore - anything man

maxine brown - i can't get along without you

rance allen - there's gonna be a showdown

gloria lynn - i've just got to tell somebody

tunnie smith - finders aren't always keepers

joe bataan - shaft

deep breaths



Simon said...

Lovely selection!

Rob Ryan said...

God, I'd forgotten how INCREDIBLE Rance Allen's version of this is !!
First record I ever sent off for ! £1 from John Manship in Melton Mowbray !!!

Tony Russell said...

Nice Ally,played some Rance Allen myself this morning,very nice.Trying to get my Mojo working,that I am!

davyh said...

Crikey, I don't know any of these, I has me some catching up to do (as usual) x

spud said...

Rance Allen is the biz. Still got 'I Know A Man Who' on heavy rotation from Mick's last guest mix.

Verification: 'souladfu'!

Tracy Garnish said...

Top Stuff Ally...really nice,thank you

Carmel said...

Superbb, as expected. I knew a sum total of two of those, and only because I'd heard you play them before. Really love that Gloria Lynn one. Magnificent choices, Mr Beirne. Looking forward to more on Saturday and to seeing and hearing you, and Ally, and Rob. There's gonna be a hoedown, fo' sure.