Monday 29 August 2011

bank holiday bossa

my but it's been a while since i swung easy between good times and gaz's rocking blues via a red stripe or three an awful long time. crowds don't do it for me these days all that squashedness but i do hope the sun is shining down the grove right now

play nice carnivaliers

flora purim - samba do carioca



Tracy Garnish said...

Ally.I was at 'The Alternative Carnival' in Brighton.Relaxed is an understatement,the crowds spilled onto the beach,the whole street was throbbing,rum punch extroadinaire...I'm not a reggae girl - but THAT ROCKED!!Good for my soul,I came home twinkling and whole!!I hope yours was FAB!!!x

glen grainger said...

crowds to much for me theses days, im afraid puts the kibosh on loads of stuff,sounded good in brighton, id have fancyded that myself you know.

Tracy Garnish said...

Oh my heart thumps on the south coast,the wind feels like angels kissing your neck...sort of 'dreamy'' you know,and the sweat was running down the windows of Concorde 2...too much information.It was Root's on the beach,rum in the tum.

spud said...

This is sounding cool and breezy - is it from the 60s? I like Flora Purim but I only know all the ethnic-smocks-and-acid fusion-y stuff from the mid 70s onward. Her and Airto used to be a regular fixture at Ronnies. Did you ever get round the corner to see them? I haven't caught them since the 90s but they were still sounding pretty good back then.

ally. said...

ever so glad your days stayed fab dearies

and spud it is indeed from the do get a copy if you find one flora e mpm lp 1964. huge it is. huuuuuge.
saw her and airto a few times then her on her own but not since the early 90s. always tops