Sunday 13 November 2011

tears before bedtime

another giant down... go easy dear you made some of my favourite music ever ever

this is from the moonscape lp the heroic johnny trunk put out a while back

michael garrick - sketches of israel


buy more garrick


Yr Heartout said...

More sad news. I was playing one of his LPs yesterday when I read the news which was a bit weird. People will be paying me soon not to play their records!

davyh said...

I only know what you've posted, so I must put that right.

Anthony Curtis said...

That is beautiful. Have to hear the album now.

Tracy Garnish said...

How Lovely

spud said...

That was my favourite tune on that Moonscape album. Great freewheeling, forward-thinking, British jazz. (Warning to non-jazzheads: SOI is unusually gentle, the rest is mostly a bit more jagged.)

I was lucky enough to see Michael Garrick live, leading a big band at the Barbican. 'Dusk Fire' was the show-stopper that night.

He was definitely one of the people that proved that distinctive and original Brit jazz could be made with ambitions beyond sounding like the US musicians. Respect for that.