Tuesday 31 January 2012

torment tuesday

oh gene...

this is hardcore

gene pitney - i'm gonna be strong



Tracy Garnish said...

I knew it...

dickvandyke said...

Oh what a song!

Has something bitten you on the arse again ally love, or am I missing a beat - due to 6 tins of Boddies and a Navy Rum?

I loved Cindy Lauper's version of this about 20 yrs ago. Twas in the days when I cut a fine figure and had some cash instead of a leaky shed. I recall seeing her at the Albert Hall (from a box no less). Reminds me that she had an acute problem with her fuzzbox that night! Happens I s'pose.


ally. said...

oh gene
gee i adore gene pitney
i'll take a leaky shed over some cash any day

radioShirl said...


More drama than backstage at a Bassey gig! Love it! x

dkavanagh said...

hello ally,
i've been a fan of your blog for a while now and especially like the images on it.I am researching the life of Laurie Cunningham, former footballer and disco dancer.He was the first black player to represent England in 1977.He loved dancing and used to pay off his fines for missing training by winning dancing contests in his local discos.He grew up in Archway, so I assume the big discos would have been the Camden Palace or Electric Ballroom.Do you know of any books or blogs that cover the disco scene in North London from that time? (1976-79).I am sure there must be great pictures out there.Any advice would be wonderful.


ally. said...

dermot dear

as a stalwart of the butlins disco dancing competition circuit well alright half a go in one when very small i'm super intrigued but also clueless.
i was stuck in the dimmest north west till the early eighties for starters but i'll put out all the feelers i possibly can. kevin over at your heart out is as clever as it gets and the http://history-is-made-at-night.blogspot.com/ lot are bound to have some stuff that might help. i'll put out a request on here next week too if that'll help.
good luck my dear

dkavanagh said...

thank you i'll give them a go.
Shades disco in Manor House was photographed in 1978 by jill furmanovsky, good ones of a dancer "getting his swerve on" and preparing his "fast wind", capped sleves 'n all.