Monday 27 February 2012

double decker

for the lovers and the fighters and the secret songwriters... someday we'll walk in the sunlight for all the world to see...

pat kelly - the dark end of the street

irma thomas - while the city sleeps


buy your pat kelly records at sounds of the universe
and your irma thomas records from honest jon's



glen grainger said...

just wonderfull, and how on earth have i never heard of pat kelly before what a voice.

Tracy Garnish said...

and what a great photograph.

davyh said...

Lovely. Can't believe I haven't heard the Irma Thomas before either.

ally. said...

oh glen you are in for such treats. pat kelly is one of the true true greats. there's a lovely new compilation out too.
tracy dear we do love a street queen round these parts
davy old love it's a wonder isn't it. courtesy of our old lost chum the spoilt victorian child

spud said...

Always enjoy your double deckers Ally. (I reckon you should do glen a favour and dig out Pat Kelly's 'If It Don't Work Out' again. One of my favourite Dusty Sevens gems.)