Tuesday 1 May 2012


all that intros hoohah kinda got me slighly flummoxed baffled and downright slightly wondering bout all that what we know and just sort of take for granted other folk know specially you lot whose songs fill all manner of bits of round here. i guess i just take somethings for granted  with you my lovely pals things i kind of know you know even if you don't like being all the way and back again with brasil 66 devestated by everything glen campbell/jimmy webb rocked and romanced by the modern lovers exploded by those first twangs of that's where it's at...

so just to fill any gaps here's how they should've sounded

sergio mendes and brasil 66 - roda
jonathan richman and the modern lovers - vincent van gogh
matt monro - we're gonna change the world
stephanie mills - never knew love like this before
the temptations - it's growing
phyllis dillon - perfidia
tony clarke - landslide
sam cooke - that's where it's at
glen campbell - galveston
jon lucien - search for the inner self

now about those picture clues... rhoda off of the telly oh you remeber vincent price oh i know bus driver for matt the singing bus driver dark satanic stephanie like a snowball rolling bogart and bergman dance to perfidia a landslide cooke galveston inner shelf. what was i thinking. sorry.

now onwards...

and sam cooke explodes your heart like this...


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