Monday 6 August 2012


oh you know i love a bossa but heavens there's such a super double plus to knowing the words... all those songs i know i'm missing a mammoth amount of... thankyou blossom (for everything)

sylvia telles - dindi

blossom dearie - dindi



davyh said...

Frank's too! And Sarah Vaughan's! And Astrud's!

davyh said...

In fact, I think Frank's is my favourite and best, there is such tenderness and hurt in his voice.

ally. said...

blossoms came over the headphones just yesterday and floored me. proper stopped dead in tracks gasping astounded. and telles wins the groove prize everytime
but frank is always king

spud said...

...and Jon Lucien...and Janet Lawson..

I think Blossom wins that head-to-head. Both dead nice though.