Thursday 25 October 2012

thelonious thursday

t. monk's advice. hell yes. i'm also keen on "talking about music is like dancing about architecture"

thelonious monk - ruby my dear


carmen mcrae - dear ruby

he could sure wear a hat and liked a little dance. my kind of gent



davyh said...

Thelonius Thursday! Very good. Very good indeed.

radioShirley said...

like muchly! x

ally. said...

even i didn't see it coming. glad it did though. and that you liked it. it's a brilliant list isn't it

secondopinion said...

Mildy disappointed I can't thrash on a Thursday but I know I'll come around to your way of thinking as the gems keep coming x

ally. said...

you could be thrushing so think yourself lucky dear

londonlee said...

Love me some Monk (especially the album this comes from) but a friend of mine once quipped that he played piano like Les Dawson which is never far from my mind whenever Thelonious hits the "wrong" note.

spud said...

Yeah, I've had the Les Dawson comment as well. Inevitable.

Thelonious Thursday = inspired. And it's a double decker! Joy.

That Carmen McRae version is fine fine fine. She can do no wrong.

spud said...

Love those handwritten notes too. He wrote them for Steve Lacy, didn't he?

ally. said...

knickers knackers knockers as thelonious surely meant to put on his list. and i do like a list