Thursday 8 November 2012


sister ray garage girl group soul 45 anyone? how could you ever resist?

we had the flip side somewhere roundabout a time back i'm sure but record recordingless like i am just at the mo it's taken a while to track down a way to play this and send you scurrying off scrunched fiver gripped tight ...

available on a record from honest jons


a soul-source ad for the original..
Softiques - Two Kinds Of Boys/Bashful - Sheldon (Audition Record) Excellent minus condition a few very light sleeve marks visible under light. One of rarest Chicago girl records, two great sides Minimum bid £1500


drew said...

My virtual scrunched fiver + one of your English pound coins are making their way to Honest Jons now. thanks for that Ally

ally. said...

pleasure ducky. it's a a proper glorious racket isn't it